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Jessica Kane has always had a love of children and a desire to help those who have faced hardship, tragedy, and pain. Jessica started her career as a school guidance counselor and a licensed therapist specifically so she could help children in need find a positive way forward. This often included counseling, crisis intervention, grief counseling, and more.

Jessica then went on to become a paralegal at the Law Offices of Samuel Kane, where she saw the suffering and pain that came with personal injury and tragic loss, especially when children and families were involved. This inspired her to earn her Juris Doctorate from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law, becoming an attorney so she could help families get compensation and, eventually, closure.

In addition to being a licensed attorney in the state of New Mexico, Jessica keeps up her licenses with the New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Board and her Pre-K through 12 School Counselor License. She also has a Developmental Specialist II Certificate with the New Mexico Infant Toddler Program. Her experience with children and the ways in which they process trauma help inform her approach to clients, especially minors and their families.

Along with personal injury cases involving minors, Jessica has also successfully tackled cases involving active military and veterans, as well as wrongful death suits.

Outside of her law practice, Jessica is an avid “rim-to-rim” hiker, marathon runner, and a mother to five wonderful children. Her dream is to grow the practice so that it “runs like a big firm, but is personal like a small one.” Her patience and compassion when working with clients is matched only by her tenacity and determination when fighting for their cause.

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