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Auto Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident and suffered a significant injury, you might have more questions than answers. Should you file an insurance claim? What about a lawsuit? How can you tell whether someone else might be legally at fault for causing your injuries? And if you do have a valid case, what can you expect in terms of compensation?
Law Office of Samuel I. Kane is here to help. We have legal experts to help you understand every aspect of the insurance settlement or car accident lawsuit process, plus provide you with in-depth information on everything from rear end collision to multiple vehicle accidents. We can educate you on every aspect of your claim, or just get help you get a general sense of what to expect. Knowing your rights, and what you’re entitled to following an accident is important. Schedule a free, no obligation case consultation to find out what options are available to you. It is also important to know that, we tie our success to yours. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means our team will go to work for you, and you do not owe us a penny, unless we win you case. Remember, insurance companies can have an unfair advantage with their own team of skilled legal experts who work against you, don’t settle without our legal counsel.

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Bicycle Accident

Samuel I. Kane is an avid cyclist, having ridden throughout the State of Florida, New Mexico and Arizona. He has also raced competitively both on the road and mountain. In 2013, he was the category II state champion in New Mexico in mountain biking. Mr. Kane is very passionate about cycling as a hobby and a competitive sport and as such is familiar with the safety risk cyclist experience when sharing the road with motorized vehicles. In addition, the Law Offices of Samuel I. Kane sponsor many of the local races throughout the state of New Mexico and is a main sponsor of Zia Velo Racing, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, as a way of giving back to the cycling community. With his personal background in cycling, coupled with my knowledge of insurance law as it pertains to cyclists being involved in accidents involving motorized vehicles, carrying insurance or accidents involving motorized vehicles without insurance, he has been extremely successful in maximizing claims on behalf of injured cyclist.
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Motorcycle Accident

Samuel I. Kane has represented multiple motorcycle accident victims in New Mexico and Florida, obtaining 100,000's of thousands of dollars for his clients. Our Firm has a network of doctors that assist our clients without compensation until their case settles, allowing our clients to receive the necessary medical care. We are also competent in New Mexico insurance law and, if applicable, able to stack insurance policies, including household policies, to maximize claims for our clients. Motorcycle accident victims are better off in choosing our firm because we have the necessary experience to get them more money than other firms.
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Truck Accident

18-wheeler and tractor-trailer truck accidents can also be caused by driver negligence. But they may be caused by factors unique to the commercial trucking industry, such as cargo that is not properly loaded or drivers who are not properly qualified or trained. Trucking companies are also responsible for making sure that drivers follow all laws and regulations regarding the duration and frequency of breaks so that they remain alert while operating their vehicles. Our investigator is on the lookout for these issues so that we can help you hold employers and their insurance companies accountable for the results of any unsafe condition.
Large trucks have a higher fatal crash rates than accidents involving only cars. Many suffer serious and debilitating injuries each year from semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents, including brain and spinal cord that require continuous and permanent medical care. If you have been injured or have suffered the death of a loved one, please call our firm and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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