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Samuel Kane graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. He was a member of the Mathematics Association of America and participated in numerous seminars as a guest lecturer on abstract mathematical theories. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor degree with honors from the University of Miami School of Law. Mr. Kane graduated magna cum laude with an Order of the Coif distinction. He also served as a Justice on the University of Miami Law School’s Supreme Court.

After law school, Samuel served as a law clerk for District Judge Robert C. Brack in Las Cruces, New Mexico federal court. This experience gave him a different perspective on the practice of law; specifically, from the inside of a judge’s chambers.

Samuel works to continually expand his knowledge of the law through specialized courses and legal seminars. He currently holds a license to practice law in both New Mexico and Florida. Samuel opened his own law office in 2004, practicing across a broad spectrum of the law with an emphasis on serious, catastrophic, and personal injury. He has extensive experience as a trial lawyer, participating in over 1000 bench and jury trials. For several years, he also maintained a contract with the Las Cruces public defender’s office where he had at least one trial a month.

Samuel has a wide array of experience preparing wills, trusts, and other testamentary documents as well as handling complex contested probate matters involving multimillion-dollar disputes. This extensive legal expertise distinguishes Samuel from other lawyers in matters of personal injury, particularly those involving wrongful death claims.

Samuel is able to address multiple inter-related legal issues due to his comprehensive training. He is especially dedicated to providing exceptional service for individuals facing property loss or struggling to recover from accidents and catastrophic injuries. He often makes home visits and is available to clients 24 hours a day.

Samuel can often be found at the Third Judicial District Court’s Pro Se Center where he provides pro bono legal advice. For this dedication to his community and profession, Samuel was recognized as the Las Cruces Sun-News Reader’s Choice Attorney for 2013.

Samuel was inspired by the work of artist Arturo Di Modica to choose a bull as the mascot for his practice. Di Modica is most well-known for creating the Charging Bull sculpture on display outside the New York Stock Exchange. While most people believe that the Wall Street Bull symbolizes the strength of a growing economy, the artist himself has described his work as representing the personal strength of the American people and their ability to swiftly recover from adversity. Samuel’s choice of mascot honors the same resilience he sees every day in his clients as they overcome their own obstacles and personal trauma. When circumstances necessitate the help of a personal injury attorney, it is vital to remember that everyone can find the strength to not only recover but to become stronger.

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