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Personal Injury

Truck Accident

At first glance, it may seem that the biggest difference between an accident with another car and a commercial vehicle is size. As an experienced truck accident attorney who has handled many of these cases, I’ve learned that size difference is only the start of the story. Truly understanding these cases requires unraveling a complex […]

New Mexico is notorious for truck accidents, and underrides often cause the most devastating damages of all. It’s nearly impossible for drivers to avoid being in the path of a semi truck when it veers into their lane or stops suddenly — which is why it’s rarely a victim’s fault when their vehicle slides under […]

Semi-trucks are massive, and it takes a skilled driver to operate them safely. Unfortunately, drivers of 18-wheelers are not always knowledgeable about the best safety practices, and accidents occur. Because of the substantial mass difference between these vehicles and others on the road, these accidents are often severe and result in significant bodily injury or […]

In a crash between a car and a semi-truck, it’s no surprise which vehicle will suffer more damage—and which driver is likely to sustain more serious injuries. After all, a loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds by law, compared to a car’s 4,000. And even an empty truck can average 25,000-35,000 pounds. It […]

Accidents involving commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks, can cause serious bodily harm and damage to personal property. When an individual is injured or needs payment to repair their vehicle after an accident, they often wonder how often semi-truck accidents go to trial.

Due to the severe nature of accidents with large commercial vehicles, victims and their families often face mounting medical bills and emotional stress. Companies will often try to settle truck accident claims quickly. A fast payout to ease the financial strain is tempting.