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Personal Injury

Child Personal Injury

The sudden impact of a vehicle collision affects children differently than it does adults. Not only are kids’ bodies still developing, making them vulnerable to injuries, but they can’t always express how pain feels. And even if a child seems fine, there’s no telling what kinds of injuries will show up later. If your child […]

A car accident involving a child has both immediate and long-term effects. Babies and kids don’t exhibit the same symptoms of trauma as adults do after an accident. It can be difficult to identify the kind of medical help a child currently needs, and how much emotional support and mental therapy they will need in […]

When a child is hit by a car, it’s crucial for parents to remain calm and follow these important steps: Check on your child (do not move them) Call 911 Take pictures Talk (calmly) to witnesses Keep a record of all medical treatment Take care of your child as he or she deals with the […]

When a child is in the vehicle during a collision, it’s normal for parents to panic. But even when your worst fears come to life, it’s important remain calm to help a child after a car accident. Injuries need to be assessed; help needs to be called; and information needs to be gathered to determine […]

Imagine the following scenario: You have a young, curious child who’s always getting into things they shouldn’t be. One day, you lose track of them for a second, only to discover that they’ve trespassed onto someone else’s property and seriously injured themselves. You might think you were liable for the accident—after all, trespassing is a […]