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Jury Exonerates Maryland Woman in Connection with Alleged Spinal Injury

A civil trial jury in Maryland recently exonerated a woman whose actions allegedly led to the spinal injury of a man following a hit-and-run accident. During the three-day trial, the plaintiff, Joshua Gomes of La Plata, testified that he was already lying in the road after being struck by an unrelated hit-and-run driver, when

Police Investigating Albuquerque Pedestrian Accident, Driver Not Charged

Authorities in Albuquerque are actively investigating a pedestrian accident that occurred in early December. The incident, which involved a pedestrian and an automobile, occurred in Northwest Albuquerque at night. The victim was walking alone in the dark along the road before allegedly being struck by the car, which was traveling westbound. Though it is

Geico Fighting Policy Coverage in Motorcycle Chase Case

Geico, one of the nation’s top auto insurance providers, does not want to honor an insurance policy after a man severely injured another in an automobile chase down a Florida highway. In October 2014, Aurielio Gabriel Silva used his truck to pursue Louis Santos, a man he believed to be a motorcycle thief. Now,

Investigation into Albuquerque Bus Driver Caught Eating on the Job

A bus driver in Albuquerque has found himself in hot water after security footage revealed he was eating and driving while on his route in October. The driver, who works for ABQ Ride, was seen in security footage eating a bag of chips while driving through town. The security footage shows the driver holding

Hillsborough County Public Schools Reach Settlement in Brain Injury Case

Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida has reached a settlement in a personal injury case involving a former student. Sean McNamee was a member of Wharton High’s varsity football team two years ago. During warm-up drills, he hit his head on equipment that was left on the practice field. Doctor’s classified the injury