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Why is it Important to Contact a Las Cruces Personal Injury Attorney Immediately After an Accident?

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our experienced personal injury attorneys in Las Cruces know that getting hurt in an accident can devastate your physical, emotional, and financial well-being-without notice. Whether you were injured in a vehicle collision, motorcycle crash, while on foot, or during a slip and fall incident, the very first thing you should do is seek medical care to evaluate your complete injuries, so you can plan for a full recovery. The next thing you should do, once your health stabilizes, is to contact our New Mexico personal injury lawyers to evaluate your circumstances and prioritize the necessary factors that will help us strengthen you case. Here’s why.

Valuable Evidence Can Get Lost in the Shuffle

No matter what type of negligence led to your injuries, there will be valuable evidence that can help build your case. Unfortunately, it will not be available indefinitely. Some forms of evidence that may disappear before we can obtain it is traffic or nearby business camera footage that recorded your collision before it is recorded over; dangerous property conditions — before they are repaired; or clear and fresh eyewitness testimony before it becomes an unreliable source. As your Las Cruces accident attorneys, we will thoroughly investigate your claim and preserve the necessary evidence quickly, so we can use it to build our case.

The Insurance Company is Going to Pursue You for a Statement

Whether you were hurt in a traffic collision or on someone’s property, the at-fault party’s insurer is going to contact you right away. They will demand a recorded statement, during which time they will do everything they can to try and manipulate the conversation, so it sounds as if the injuries you suffered were your fault. They will follow up the call with an investigation, and potentially even offer a low-ball settlement to get your case to go away. With our experienced Las Cruces personal injury lawyers by your side, all communication will be routed through our office, so you will not have to speak with the insurance company without the proper legal representation by your side.

File a Claim and Negotiate a Settlement Sooner Than Later

The sooner you contact our personal injury attorneys in Las Cruces, the earlier we can begin building your case to start the negotiation process with the insurance company. We will pursue your complete medical expenses, lost wages, and any additional out of pocket costs you have incurred as a result of your injuries, so you can begin moving forward with confidence. If you have been injured due to another person, party, or entity’s negligence, contact our experienced Dona Ana County personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. by calling (575) 541-3004 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim, so we can get started on your case today.