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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Las Cruces, NM

Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable when crossing the street or even walking along a sidewalk. Pedestrians often have little warning that they’re about to be hit, nor any ability to outmaneuver a speeding car and they lack any sort of physical protection from injury when hit. Recovering from the immense physical damage that getting hit by a motor vehicle can cause often take months or years of rehabilitation, leaving some victims with permanent physical limitations. Victims of pedestrian accidents may have crushing medical and rehabilitation expenses, often accrued while they’re unable to work and earn the money they need to pay these bills.

Why Pedestrian Accidents Happen In Las Cruces, NM

Pedestrian accidents often involve a motorized vehicle operated by negligent drivers. Drivers who fail to pay attention to the road ahead can cause catastrophic injuries for pedestrians. In fact, the rate of fatal injuries to pedestrians has climbed steadily in recent years, a change which many safety experts attribute to an increased rate of cell phone use behind the wheel.

Distracted drivers may fail to scan the road ahead for people walking, or may not look to see whether someone is in a crosswalk before making a turn. It is also possible for drivers who actually exercise ordinary care not to notice pedestrians on a busy street where crosswalks are not highlighted enough for motorists.

Claiming Compensation For Pedestrian Accidents In Las Cruces, NM

An injured pedestrian may claim compensatory damages from persons responsible for their injuries. The purpose of paying compensatory damages is to make the person whole again, to try to restore the injured person to the same position that they were in prior to the accident.

These compensatory damages can include money for:

  • Emergency room transportation
  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Medical equipment for home use
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Drivers have a duty to avoid colliding with pedestrians. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may also claim punitive damages if you can establish that the accident was due to a degree of recklessness such as the driver or operator’s text messaging, being on a cell phone, playing with the radio, or in some cases, even watching television or a movie while driving.

A skilled New Mexico personal injury attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident, gathering evidence from eyewitnesses, or through the use of accident reconstruction experts to determine what happened to cause an accident and to support your claim for money damages. After a pedestrian accident in New Mexico, contact a Las Cruces pedestrian accident attorney at The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. at 575-526-5263 as soon as possible to begin the process of filing your personal injury claim.

Responsibility for Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accidents In Las Cruces, NM

If a pedestrian is a victim of a hit and run accident, they may pursue a claim for compensation against their own auto insurance policy. Many vehicle owners also carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage which allows them to recover compensation for accidents caused by another vehicle that does not stop, even when they were not in their own vehicle when they sustained injuries.

This type of coverage also allows an injured pedestrian to claim compensation when the vehicle that caused their injuries does not have insurance or is under-insured.

Traffic Laws and Pedestrian Rights Attorneys in Las Cruces

Pedestrians are generally entitled to a higher standard of care. Regardless of the circumstances, pedestrians have the right of way when they’re involved in an accident. When presented with a pedestrian accident, our Las Cruces pedestrian accident lawyer will examine and analyze details to determine potential liability for damages.

Where a driver or operator’s recklessness is apparent, we may pursue punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages.

Our Las Cruces Personal Injury Law Office For Immediate Assistance After Any Of The Following:

How Law Office of Samuel I. Kane Can Help In Las Cruces, NM

Pedestrians who suffer serious injuries in an accident may recover compensation from insurance companies or from the driver or parties responsible for their injuries.

Depending on the situation, our Las Cruces pedestrian accident attorney can help you claim compensation from your own insurance coverage if the other party is uninsured or does not stop and you are unable to obtain their insurance information. If you don’t have health insurance, we can lead you to agencies that allow you to recover from state insurance or that can take care of your medical bills.

Getting the money you need from insurers isn’t always easy. Even when you turn to your own insurance carrier for the coverage you’ve paid for, adjusters are often intent on paying out as little as possible on your claims. Having a knowledgeable and experienced Las Cruces pedestrian accident lawyer on your side can help to ensure that you don’t get bullied by insurers, and instead get the payment you need and deserve for your injuries.

Contact Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Las Cruces, NM For A Free Consultation Today.

In any case, our Las Cruces Pedestrian accident lawyers can represent you in pursuing legal action against the driver or negligent party in order to help obtain compensation to which you are entitled. Call The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane today 575-526-5263.

Pedestrian Accident FAQs

How Did My Pedestrian Accident Occur When I Was Using the Crosswalk Properly?

Unfortunately, even when pedestrians are crossing with the light, in a designated area, driver negligence can still cause accidents that lead to injuries. For example, if a negligent driver is distracted, speeding, or running a red light, your legal actions will be overruled by their behaviors. This is how most pedestrian accidents occur and allows our pedestrian accidents to pursue the negligent driver for their actions.

 What Duty Do I Have as a Pedestrian to Avoid a Traffic Accident?

Pedestrians have the duty to obey traffic signs, signals, and laws when crossing the street. They are also reasonably responsible to observe traffic conditions as they begin or continue their forward course across a street, so they are not running into traffic.

How Does a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Differ from a Personal Injury Attorney?

Pedestrian accidents can also be personal injury accidents, but they will have the experience necessary to outline your claim and pursue specific results. Pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries or even fatalities, which will require a skilled attorney who can and will pursue the financial outcome the injury victim or their family deserves from the crash.

If Pedestrian Accident Injuries Are So Severe, Will the Financial Outcome Be More?

Individuals who are hurt in pedestrian accidents often require extended medical care and/or have injuries that permanently disrupt their quality of life. The more and/or longer medical procedures and care that is required will increase the financial recovery our pedestrian accident attorneys will pursue on our client’s behalf.

Will My Pedestrian Accident Case Go to Court? 

While most personal injury claims are settled during negotiations outside the courtroom, there is a chance that your pedestrian accident claim may go to court if those negotiations breakdown, and we – with your agreement – believe the best outcome will occur when we pursue a judge or jury verdict.

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