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Las Cruces

Safety Tips for Pedestrians Throughout New Mexico

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our pedestrian accident attorneys in Las Cruces know that more and more people are traversing the city on foot during the holiday season. Whether they are enjoying holiday parties, shopping for loved ones, or dining with friends, walking to and from these destinations if only from a parking spot to the door requires avoiding dangerous traffic patterns, and potentially negligent drivers, to arrive unharmed. Here are a few tips to stay safe as a pedestrian in New Mexico.

Follow All Traffic Signs and Signals

Just as you would not run a red light while waiting at a signal in your vehicle, you should never cross the street against a red light, red hand, or “Don’t Walk” signal. Stop and wait until the green light or walk signal illuminates. Even then, it is a good idea to look twice for drivers who may not be paying attention, so you can stay out of harm’s way.

Use Sidewalks or Pedestrian Paths Whenever Possible

One way to avoid being hit by a vehicle is to remain as far away from traffic as possible while on foot. Always use sidewalks or pedestrian paths when they are available. When they are not, walk as far away from traffic as you can and be sure to face oncoming drivers, so you can see what is coming.

Watch for Cars Entering, Exiting & Backing Up

When vehicles are pulling into parking garages, lots, and other structures, they are rarely looking for pedestrians, as their only focus is on finding a spot. If drivers are not looking for you, you should be looking for them. Watch for cars entering and exiting and pay attention to drivers who are backing up, as they may not have checked their surroundings first.

Remain Visible, Especially at Night

Dinners, movies, and nights out with friends can become dangerous when walking in places with reduced visibility. If there is very little light where you are walking, stay as far away from traffic as possible, and make sure you can be seen, even if that means turning the flashlight on your cellphone on until you reach your destination.

Never Assume a Driver Can See You

Even when pedestrians are doing everything right, drivers still have a tough time recognizing when they have the right of way, usually because they are just not paying attention. Do not assume that a driver sees you, even when you have a walking signal. Make eye contact with the driver and allow your body language to do the talking. If they do not acknowledge you and continue traveling at a speed that says, “I’m not stopping” wait for the driver to pass. It could save your life.

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