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Distant Hope for Spinal Injury Victims as Brain Microchips Cure Paralyzed Monkeys

Recently, researchers in Switzerland have created a microchip that can be implemented into a paralyzed monkey’s brain. This microchip allowed the monkeys to walk only two weeks after the surgery. These monkeys suffered from lower spine injuries before the microchip but have almost entirely recovered.

Despite this promising research, scientists fear that a cure for severe spinal injuries is still far off. The microchip targets the monkeys’ muscles in a very particular manner that is difficult to reproduce in humans. As human brains are more complex than monkeys’, it is unclear how successful an implant would operate in a human.

Scientists suggest that perhaps this science will lead to more successful spinal cord stimulation therapy that works more like a circuit. Until then, the many individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries will need to find other ways to cope.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are many different types of spinal cord injuries and some are more severe than others. Incomplete spinal cord injuries may allow for some mobility while complete spinal cord injuries more frequently cause paralysis.

Some examples of injuries:

  • Anterior Cord Syndrome: damage to the front of the spinal cord
  • Central Cord Syndrome: damage to the center of the cord
  • Brown-Sequard Syndrome: damage to one side of the spinal cord
  • Tetraplegia: damage to the cervical spinal cord
  • Paraplegia: damage to the thoracic spinal cord

Depending on the type of spinal cord injury, there are certain treatments that may be available to both help the injury and create more comfort for the patient. While each case is unique, some common treatments include:

  • Ventilators and Feeding Tubes
  • Holistic Lifestyle Changes
  • Physical Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Surgery

These treatments can become expensive, depending on how many of them are required and for what period of time. This can place a financial and emotional burden on both the injured party as well as their friends and families. That is why it is important to contact an attorney that is experienced in spinal cord injury claims.

An attorney can help recover damages for the injury from a responsible party. These damages can be used to pay for medical bills as well as emotion harms such as pain and suffering.

If you live in Las Cruces, New Mexico and have suffered a spinal injury, please contact the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane at (575) 526-5263. Our Las Cruces brain injury attorneys are available to provide a free consultation so that you can get the recourse that you deserve.

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