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Brain Injury Attorneys in Las Cruces, NM

Your brain is susceptible to an injury resulting from a blow or jolt, a traumatic or severe impact to the head that can lead to damage to brain cells, blood vessels, and protective tissues surrounding the brain. A strong impact to the brain can also cause bleeding in or around the brain, swelling, and blood clots that can have serious and permanent consequences.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, a brain injury may result depending on the circumstances.

Common Causes of Brain Injury In Las Cruces, NM

Accidents involving some kind of impact, whether minor or severe, can cause brain injury. People may suffer from brain injury after experiencing:

  • A motor vehicle accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Slip and fall accident
  • An act of violence

Importance of Las Cruces Brain Injury Attorney In Claiming Compensation

Brain injuries may not be immediately apparent after an accident. It may be possible for an accident to appear ‘minor’, yet result in brain injury. Because symptoms may take time to manifest, injured parties in an accident may not be aware of the resulting brain injury or the severity of such an injury.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a brain injury can affect the emotional health, mood, cognitive function, and memory of the injured party, sometimes permanently.

Addressing the injury often involves a long-term treatment plan that can be expensive and disruptive of the injured party’s usual lifestyle. The financial costs can include medical bills for current and ongoing treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation, lost income from missed work days, and expenses for home care. Beyond the monetary costs, an injured party may experience pain and suffering.

Accidents resulting in brain injuries are extremely complex cases. Claiming compensation for your brain injury requires the combined competence and assistance of a Las Cruces brain injury attorney and medical professionals in order to properly evaluate your injury and establish legal responsibility for it.

Dealing with Insurance Companies in Las Cruces, NM

Insurance companies that cover this type of injury may try to downplay your injuries and offer a minimum value to settle your brain injury claim. An experienced Las Cruces brain injury attorney can represent you and obtain the maximum value that you legally deserve. A free no-obligation consultation with a licensed Las Cruces personal injury attorney can assess your situation and apprise you of your options.

Our Las Cruces Personal Injury Law Office For Immediate Assistance After Any Of The Following:

Our Las Cruces brain injury attorneys law firm has years of experience in brain injury cases and have helped clients obtain the maximum value of their claims. Our Las Cruces brain injury lawyers use an extensive network of medical providers who can properly evaluate the extent of our clients’ injuries, allowing us to determine the amount of damages that are legally due under each situation.

Contact Our Experienced Las Cruces A Brain Injury Attorneys For A Free Consultation.

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our Las Cruces brain injury attorneys carefully evaluate every situation and will only pursue meritorious claims against negligent persons or entities. We are prepared to represent you aggressively and competently before insurance companies and in court in order to help you obtain the full value that you legally deserve. Call our Las Cruces brain injury lawyer today 575-526-5263.

Brain Injury FAQs

How Will My Brain Injury Be Detected to Help Prove My Personal Injury Claim?

Brain injuries of all types, including Traumatic Brain Injuries, are diagnosed by medical professionals after an accident occurs by performing neurological exams, in-depth imaging tests, like MRIs and CT scans. Ongoing medical tests may continue long after the brain injury occurs to identify the injured person’s ongoing and complete medical, therapy, and rehabilitation needs.

Are There Different Types of Brain Injuries? 

Yes. Many different types of brain injuries can occur during all types of accidents that require different levels of care. Mild brain injuries can include concussions that usually heal on their own and are accompanied by temporary side effects, like headaches. Moderate brain injuries can include prolonged symptoms that last for extended periods, like seizures, confusion, and impaired motor skills. Severe brain injuries may cause an individual to fall into a coma or experience significant damage that affects other vital physical, emotional, and psychological movements.

Why Do Brain Injuries Require Larger Financial Settlements/Verdicts than Other Injuries?

Depending on the severity of your brain injury, your financial requirements will differ from another personal injury victim. When your brain injury is severe, the costs of medical care, surgeries, rehabilitation, physical therapy, medication, and at-home care can be staggering. If you are unable to work because of your brain injury, or cannot return to your previous quality of life, your financial need may be extraordinary. Our brain injury attorneys will help you work through the details, so you know exactly what your personal injury claim is worth.

What Should I Look For When Partnering with a Brain Injury Attorney?

If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident, you should seek personal injury representation from an attorney who has the experience and resources necessary to negotiate your case outside of the courtroom and litigate your needs inside the courtroom, when necessary. At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.C., our brain injuries attorneys have both and will outline your unique case to pursue customized results that fit your current, ongoing, and future needs.

How Long Do I Have to File a Brain Injury Claim After an Accident in New Mexico?

In the State of New Mexico, you have three years to file a personal injury claim from the day the accident occurred.

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