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Common Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make After a New Mexico Car Accident

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our Las Cruces car accident attorneys understand how confusing and complex traffic collisions can be. We also know how easily they can affect an injured person’s judgment in taking the proper steps to implement crash and injury solutions.

When negligence plays a part in a vehicle collision, the resulting injuries and the financial consequences can quickly become overwhelming. And without the proper guidance, that stress can interrupt your ability to properly heal.

To follow are the three common pitfalls accident victims face, and our New Mexico personal injury attorneys’ advice for overcoming these dangers, so together we can build the best case available to pursue the financial recovery you deserve for your injuries.

Common Mistake Number One: Failing to Request a Police Report.

You will need an official police report to begin any car accident insurance claim process.

Even if you believe the accident is minor — or even if the negligent party pleads with you to keep law enforcement officials out of the accident’s discussion — call the police and wait for them to arrive at the scene.

Without the valuable and credible statements listed on a police report, there is no way to determine who is at-fault for the crash or to pursue damages. Without a police report, the collision simply becomes a he-said-she-said argument that goes nowhere.

Common Mistake Number Two: Not Seeking Medical Treatment.

Car accidents happen quickly, and the crash can lead to adrenaline and panic overriding injury signs and symptoms. Pain can also be masked by the confusion of the collision, which can lead to injury victims avoiding medical care after the crash occurs.

Unfortunately, spinal injurieshead injuries, and internal bleeding are common injuries that can go unidentified after a car crash and can become severe or even life threatening when they are not treated immediately.

If you are involved in a car accident, pursue medical care immediately after the crash occurs, so medical professionals can identify and document your injuries while creating a strategy for your current, ongoing, and future care requirements.

Common Mistake Number Three: Speaking to Insurance Companies Without an Attorney.

After a car accident occurs, the insurance company is going to reach out to you immediately — in hopes of catching you at a vulnerable time when you may be too upset, too hurt, or simply too confused about the crash to give a proper statement.

That is what they are counting on.

Insurance companies use many tactics that provide injury victims with a misleading comfort that they are trying to help.

Insurance companies focus on confusing and exhausting you into:

  • Making a recorded statement that contradicts the evidence that their client was at fault
  • Stating that you “are okay” or “feeling fine”
  • Incriminating yourself by making any reference that can be construed as admitting fault

When insurance companies are unable to manipulate injury victims into taking some of the blame for the crash, they may offer a minimal financial settlement that will leave you without the option to pursue the case further. In short, they provide an offer without considering your current or long-term needs, and should you accept it, your case is closed.

Insurance companies will take your injuries and your claim much more seriously when you have retained official legal representation to guide you through the process. They also will not be able to communicate with you directly any longer, as your personal injury attorney will take the lead in all correspondence, so you can focus on healing.

If you have been injured in a traffic collision, seek immediate medical care and contact our Las Cruces personal injury attorneys at (575) 541-3004 to schedule a free consultation. We will outline your rights and the financial recovery you will need to move forward with confidence.