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5 Types of Damages You Should Claim After a Las Cruces Car Accident

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our car accident attorneys in Las Cruces know that vehicle collision are one of the most common reasons our New Mexico residents file personal injury claims against negligent drivers and their insurance companies. We also know that partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney in

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our car accident attorneys in Las Cruces know that vehicle collision are one of the most common reasons our New Mexico residents file personal injury claims against negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

We also know that partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney in Las Cruces can take the stress out of pursuing the financial recovery you may be entitled to after your crash.

Many different expenses can arise from being injured in a car accident in Las Cruces, and it is our goal to pursue the maximum recovery for each of our client’s unique needs.

While each injury victim’s needs require a customized approach to pursuing results, there are five types of damages you should claim after a Las Cruces auto accident when they are applicable to your case.

Financial Recovery for Property Damages

Chances are after you are injured in a car accident, the car is also going to need repairs, or replaced if it cannot be fixed.

You will need to get an estimate for the damage, or possibly even several estimates for the damage, which may result in the costs exceeding the value of the vehicle. If this occurs, the car may be deemed “totaled.”

The total value for the vehicle’s repairs or replacement will be added to the recovery request.

In the meantime, if you need a rental car while the car is being repaired or while looking for a new one, those costs should also be included in your recovery.

All Medical Expenses Required for Your Injuries 

Each car accident that causes injuries changes the lives of those who were hurt the moment the crash occurs and for weeks, months, or permanently going forward.

Getting hurt in a crash will require medical care, the length of which will be dictated by the severity of the individual’s injuries and how they affect their day-to-day life and their future quality of life.

Some of the more common medical expenses that may be recovered during a personal injury claim may include:

  • Ambulance Fees
  • Doctor Consultations
  • On-Going Care and Treatments
  • Surgeries
  • In-Home Care Services
  • Medical Supplies and Prescriptions
  • Physical and/or Cognitive Therapy
  • Permanent Disability Costs

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our auto accident attorneys Las Cruces will work with your physicians to outline your complete care needs and place a monetary figure on your recovery needs, so you are not left paying these expenses out of pocket.

Out of Pocket Expenses And Damages Caused by Your Accident and Injuries

Earlier we mentioned that rental car costs may be a necessary expense caused by the collision and the vehicle damages that left it undrivable.

Other out of pocket costs may include towing costs or over-the-counter medical supplies, but the total amount will be determined by the costs you paid for services or products that you would have not required — or normally purchased — if the car accident and injuries did not happen.

We can help you calculate these expenses and include them in your personal injury claim.

Lost Wages Caused by Your Inability to Work Because of Your Injuries

If your injuries prevent you from working, chances are you are not going to get paid for the time you take off.

What’s more, if your injuries are catastrophic, your ability to work going forward may also be in jeopardy.

Current and future lost wages and diminished working capacity may all be including in your personal injury claim.

Pain and Suffering Caused by Your Car Accident with Injuries

After a car accident with injuries in Las Cruces, physical or mental distress is a common component, which often results in a compromised quality of life.

Anxiety, trauma, loss of enjoyment in life, and the overall financial burden that the collision caused may be represented in your personal injury claim by a financial figure.

If you have been injured in a car accident or have lost a loved one in a traffic collision caused by negligence, contact our experienced Las Cruces personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. today by calling (575) 541-3004 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim.  We can help you pursue the financial compensation you are entitled to for each of your damages.