Bryan Haworth

Samuel Kane has being a total blessing. I was hit while cycling, Sam quickly got my now totaled bike replaced. He then guided me through my treatment, with he and his office keeping in constant contact, ensuring I received the best possible care. He also made sure I was compensated to the fullest extent. Thank you, Samuel Kane

Robin Rougier

I was involved in a horrible 18-wheeler accident. Unable to handle it on my own, I sought the help of Samuel Kane. Initially, my insurer stated that I could not make any claim because I only had liability insurance. I was shocked, I had to take a second job to try to make enough money to buy a new car, in addition to my children and our injuries. I met Mr. Kane through a friend and after meeting him I learned that in fact there was money. I am happy to say that I got money for my vehicle and my injuries. If you do’nt want to get screwed by insurance companies, I would hire Mr. Kane.

Judy Ellis

Excellent attorney!

Michael Tumblin

Samuel Kane and his staff do a STELLAR job!
They worked for us to get us the compensation we needed and still need for medical bills and the replacement of our vehicle. They work really hard with all the records needed from doctors, hospitals and insurance, documents that I couldn’t get myself due to being busy. Mr. Kane fights for to get you EVERY penny you deserve. There is a reason there is a BULL out front of Sam’s office, that BULL represents what Sam and his staff will do for you.

Dave Mangan

Sam did an excellent job on my case. He is a bull dog when and will fighting for you. I would absolutely recommend him for any and all your law needs.

Reyna Palacios

Mr. Kane is the best. He was a great help with my mother and my auto accident. He treated the case in a timely manner and listened to our concerns. He makes you feel like he has your best interest at heart at all times. Great staff! Spanish speaking too.

Matt Groth

I would recommend Sam Kane’s Law Firm for all of your accidental injury needs. We wanted give our appreciation and say thanks again for taking the time and effort for not only resolving this case in a timely manner, but giving us your time when we were in need. My brother was in a horrible motorcycle accident, that almost cost him is life. Samuel put our concerns first, he took his time to reassure family member’s on the process and supported all the way. No other attorney would have done this. Incredibly Nice Guy!