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Bus Accident Lawyer In Rio Rancho, NM

Hire our bus accident lawyer and file a tort notice to obtain rightful compensation.

Bus Accident Lawyer In Rio Rancho, NM

People who ride public buses face risks of accidents every day. Bus accidents can sometimes lead to life-changing injuries, especially when injury victims do not seek immediate medical attention. When passengers in a bus accident do not receive prompt medical attention for their injuries, doctors may fail to diagnose the impact of the bus accident on their lives and their families.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 11,502 fatal accidents involving buses from 1975 to 2007. Of this total, 5,705 or 48% of fatalities involved passengers; another 2,061 or 18% involved pedestrians, bicyclists, and others not on board the bus; and 3,167 or 28% of fatalities involved bus operators or other occupants of the bus.

Suppose you are suffering from a delayed injury or have any lingering pain after a bus accident. In that case, it is essential that you consult with an expert Rio Rancho bus accident attorney. These local attorneys at The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. will listen to your story and help you make the right choice for treatment.

Importance of RIO Rancho, NM Bus Accident Attorney

When an individual is a victim of an accident in a city-operated bus, there is a statute of limitations to preserve your rights. Bus accidents require a notice of tort claim within 90 days of the accident to preserve your rights for personal injuries.

Damages Arising From Bus Accidents In RIO Rancho, NM

If you have recently been injured in a bus accident, you may be entitled to recover lost wages, compensatory damages, and punitive damages if the accident resulted from the reckless behavior of another driver.

Plus, your chances of success in a personal injury claim do depend on what caused the accident—whether it was a driver’s negligence, faulty road conditions, or if the bus company is at fault for any reason. Our attorneys have experience handling these types of cases and can discuss your options if you were injured in an accident with a bus.

Claiming Compensation From The City or Government Entity Owning The Bus

The law is very clear about these compensation claims. First, an individual has to notify the city or state entity in writing within 90 days of the accident about any injuries incurred and seek medical care for those injuries. It is best to consult with a Rio Rancho bus accident lawyer at the earliest opportunity following an accident involving a city bus or state-owned vehicle.

Why Consulting a Bus Accident Attorney in New Mexico Is Vital?

Recovering from a bus accident can be expensive, especially if you have a serious injury. The first step in filing a claim is speaking to a personal injury attorney who has your best interests in mind.

Knowledge of Legal Procedure

When a bus accident involves either a city or state entity, one has to file for compensation according to the applicable state’s laws. But, these laws can be very complex and differ from state to state. So, you must know the time frames for filing a notice of claim in your case and where exactly you should file this notice of claim.

Assessment of Damages

Each accident is unique, and the facts of each event will determine how much money an injured individual can obtain for their personal injuries. Their injuries may prevent them from returning to work and deprive them of wages that would have normally covered the costs associated with daily living. Inability to work can also cause financial difficulties to arise due to medical expenditures. A Rio Rancho personal injury attorney can help you determine your available recourse for compensation in the event the other party was found to be at fault for causing your injuries.

Discover Our Unmatched Exposure in Dealing with Bus Accident Experience in RIO Rancho, NM

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. is a respected firm specializing in bus accident claims, helping clients obtain settlements to which they are entitled. However, the nature of work that a firm like ours takes on often results in numerous requests for assistance on cases that are similar to others we have handled in the past. This can lead to some longer-than-usual settlement times. But our central focus is your case, and we keep you informed every step of the way.

Our RIO Rancho bus accident attorneys can assist you in the following cases:

  •       Car Accident
  •       Bicycle Accident
  •       Brain Injury
  •       Bus Accident
  •       Dog Bite
  •       Motorcycle Accident
  •       Pedestrian Accident
  •       Premises Liability
  •       Slip and Fall
  •       Spine Injury
  •       Truck Accident
  •       Wrongful Death

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