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Slip and Fall Attorney In Alamogordo, NM

Connect with our slip and fall attorneys to get fair compensation amount for your losses.

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and with anyone. You could be an adult or a child, but falling or tripping off a surface can cause physical injuries to you. For example, people can fall on sidewalks, wet floors of restaurants, trip over stuff in grocery stores, bus and railway stations, and more. 

Whether you fall and injure yourself on personal property or a government-owned entity, you may be entitled to compensation. However, a slip and fall compensation is only settled after proving the other party’s fault. Therefore, you need to connect with a slip and fall attorney to help you claim the deserving amount for recovering your losses.  

How can You Establish a Slip and Fall Injury in Alamogordo, NM?

Slip and fall cases are challenging for the victims to prove that the other party was at fault. Please note that you can only claim a slip and fall compensation when the other party’s negligence specifically causes your injuries. In addition, the injured person must not have contributed to the fall by any means. 

In addition, all the injuries that you claim to be caused by the fall should not be pre-existing. In other words, claiming compensation for a slip and fall can be a tedious task as you need to collect evidence and prepare a report to prove the responsible party’s fault. 

Our law firm has a team of experienced slip and fall lawyers who assess the damage situations and collect proper documentation to prove the claim. Our lawyers study and understand the case to derive the degree of negligence and perform all the legal requirements. 

Is It the Property owner’s Responsibility to Keep the Premises Safe? 

Yes, it is the premises owner’s responsibility to keep the property safe and secure for all if it is open to use by others. For example, when you visit a public or business building, you assume it to be safe, which is not wrong. The property owner’s legal duty is to provide safety and security to its guests. The safety guidance has many rules and regulations to follow.

Property owners have a checklist to ensure that their property is safe for the guests. This checklist includes

  • No water on the stairs
  • Property should be free from hidden hazards
  • Warning signs
  • No potential puddles that are unnoticeable by a cautious person and more. 

In Alamogordo, the property owner must keep a regular check on the property and rectify any dangerous conditions that may have arisen in due course of time. For example, suppose someone gets hurt and injured because of a hazardous condition on the property that went unnoticed in the security check. In that case, the property owner may be held responsible for the injuries. However, this situation also needs to be assessed completely to ensure that the victim was not at fault in any case. 

There can be cases where the property owner does not get the time to repair the dangerous situation and injure someone. In such a situation, a slip and fall accident lawyer will look into viable sources like CCTV footage and recreate the situation to understand the degree of negligence. 

How Can a Slip and Fall Counselor Help Victims Claim Their Compensation? 

Whether you fall and trip in a grocery store or a public building, the attorney for slip and fall accidents will understand the case by watching the SSTV footage, talking to the eyewitnesses, and more. It is important to ensure that the claimant is not at fault and has no pre-existing injuries. 

The property owner’s responsibility must be clearly stated and proven using evidence. Therefore, our lawyers work hard, are smart, and follow the legal spectrum to prove the claim. In addition to the injuries, our attorneys also focus on evaluating medical bills, emotional pain, and more. 

You can contact our office to plan a free appointment with our experienced lawyers and get the deserving compensation. 

What To Do When You Get a Slip and Fall Injury? 

The first step after getting injured is to get immediate medical treatment to ensure no hidden injuries and all the visible injuries are now being treated. 

After you start your medical treatment and are in the state to make any decisions, it is important to meet a slip and fall lawyer to discuss your case and claim compensation for getting injured because of others’ fault. 

It is necessary to meet the lawyers asap because there are certain legal limits to filing a claim case. Therefore, a tort notice for the claim must be sent to the responsible party within a few days of the accident if the property is a government entity. 

A licensed attorney at Samuel’s law office will cover the legal requirements and represent you before the insurance agents and the court of law if and when required. 

Rights of an Injured Person in Various Situations

A sufferer of a slip and fall case is entitled to compensation from the responsible party by law. Here are the rights in

  • A restaurant: If the customers have reported a hazardous situation like a wet floor, food on the floor, or any other issue but the restaurant management delays the cleaning process, and in the meantime, someone ends up hurting themselves, then the restaurant is liable to pay due to compensation to the injured. 
  • Workplace: If a person gets injured, the theme can file Workman’s Compensation Claim against the employer. You will need a slip and fall attorney to understand the clause and rules in detail and pursue accordingly. 
  • Grocery Store: You may be qualified for compensation if you are injured in a grocery store; however, it is important to prove that the store was negligent in keeping the customers safe. 
  • Apartment Staircase: You may be entitled to monetary compensation from the apartment’s owner only if his fault is proved to have breached his duty of providing care and safety to the guests. 
  • Airport: After determining the exact location and degree of negligence of the airport authorities to keep the environment hazard-free, you may be entitled to compensation.

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