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Car Accident Attorney In Alamogordo, NM

Hire our skilled car accident attorneys to obtain the fair value of compensation claim.

Kane Personal Injury has experienced and skilled Alamogordo car accident attorneys who efficiently handle any vehicle accident that includes personal injuries.

What does “personal injury” in the context of a car accident?

Our firm handles car accidents that involve injury to one or more parties, as opposed to accidents where there is only property damage. In other words, there has to be a person involved in a vehicle accident who got injured. That said, we can effectively handle compensation for property damage components without any additional fee when handling any vehicle accident case involving personal injury. 

Primary response after getting injured in a car accident – Alamogordo, NM 

After getting injured, the immediate step is to get medical treatment. However, even if you do not require admission to the hospital, you should still approach your family doctor and get yourself checked. 

According to statistics, individuals involved in a car accident are less likely to report immediate pain but experience a lack of sleep, etc. Some victims even realize the connection between pain and accident later, but it is too late to file a compensation claim against the same. 

Therefore, it’s essential to report any amount of pain you are experiencing after getting injured to avoid enduring the side effects of a car accident. Plus, it’s essential to consult our car accident lawyers to obtain the maximum value of compensation claim you deserve legally. 

So, suppose you wish to file a compensation claim against your injuries caused due to a car accident. In that case, it’s vital to consult our Alamogordo car accident attorney as soon as possible after getting treated. 

Compensation claims against car accidentAlamogordo, NM 

The main purpose behind filing a compensation claim is to recover from your injuries and restore you to the same position you were in mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially before getting injured. 

Our Alamogordo personal injury attorney or car accident attorney will assess your situation and the amount of negligence caused during the accident. While the attorney will help determine the maximum value of compensation you legally deserve under such circumstances. And mostly, your car accident claim covers compensation for lost wages or earnings, medical bills, rehabilitation, and physical pain or emotional suffering. But various factors are evaluated while determining the actual worth of a personal injury compensation claim. 

Our Alamogordo car accident law firm’s primary goal is to make our client whole again, and we ensure that an injured person is compensated sufficiently. While he has been put into the same position, he was in before getting injured in a car accident. 

Importance of consulting car accident attorney – Alamogordo, NM 

Insurance companies will try their best to minimize your claims and offer the least amount against your injuries. Some insurers even impress you by filing a claim against your insurance, which results in a higher premium for them. However, it’s illegal for an insurance company to raise any individual’s premium in New Mexico and other states while filing a claim. 

Whereas our Alamogordo car accident law firm will provide free/no-obligation consultation and legal advice while helping you obtain the maximum value of compensation claim you deserve legally under such circumstances. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to be cautious while dealing with insurance companies alone. Insurers might encourage you to settle only with your medical or out-of-pocket expenses. While avoiding compensating physical pain, emotional suffering, and loss of wages. 

Car accidents with un-insured or under-insured drivers – Alamogordo, NM 

Sometimes the party responsible for your accident does not carry any insurance coverage. They only carry a minimal policy that cannot provide adequate coverage against all your injuries. In that case, our lawyers and attorneys will guide you towards various insurance possibilities, including the car policies you carry at the time of the incident. 

However, it depends upon the extent of your insurance coverage, which will be available to claim compensation from your insurance. 

Plus, our Alamogordo car accident lawyers study your case deeply to find all available resources to make you whole again and full fill your requirements while doing so. 

The personal law office for immediate assistance after facing the following injuries – Alamogordo, NM 

We have listed two sections below, focusing on casualties caused by vehicles or any uncertain reason covered by our law firm.

Accidents involving vehicles: 

  • Bicycle Accident 
  • Bus Accident 
  • car Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents 
  • Truck Accident 

Other injuries: 

  • Brain injury
  • Dog bite 
  • Slip & Fall 
  • Premises liability (getting injured on your premises) 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Wrongful death 

Our car accident law firm – Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., has extensive experience handling car accidents and their claims, respectively. Our attorneys help assess the degree of negligence that occurred during the accident and help determine the extent of our client’s damage. At the same time, they help obtain the maximum value of compensation claim they legally deserve. 

Contact our car collision attorney for a free consultation – Alamogordo, NM

Our team at New Mexico Law firm comprises experienced, skilled, and award-winning and the world’s best car accident attorneys along with retired insurance claim adjusters with 30 years of experience in hand and private investigators. Our team of attorneys works dedicatedly to ensure our clients recover from their injuries and return to their previous physical, emotional, mental, and financial conditions. At the same time, they handle any vehicle damage caused during the accident. 

Moreover, we try our best to provide maximum value of compensation against their injury claim to our clients. And handle Alamogordo personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means we only charge a fee if we succeed in our case and our client recovers his due compensation claim against personal injury, not property damage. 

Car accident FAQs

After getting injured in a car accident, can I file a compensation claim against lost wages? 

Yes, of course. Loss of income is calculated from the incident until you return to your workplace. And to verify your injury, the medical professional will share the prescription, mentioning the accident date and forecast rehabilitation time details. At the same time, the employer will verify that you could not attend office for specified dates. 

Is it possible to recover future income, as I will lose my wages due to car accident injuries? 

Yes, if you cannot work due to injuries caused by a car accident, several types of income are available to pursue in your personal injury claim. This includes current income – you are losing at the time of the ongoing injury. And the loss of earning capacity includes compensation for the inability to earn income for the coming month, year, or permanently in the future. 

How can I hire a New Mexico car accident attorney out of work and income?

Our car accident lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. in New Mexico, work on a contingency basis. This means – we won’t charge our legal fees unless or until we succeed in our case and you recover a financial compensation claim for injuries. 

If we talk about car accidents claims, they quickly become very complicated. Therefore, the sooner you hire our one of the best car accident attorney, the more time can be invested to get your claim done. But, at the same time, our attorneys will pursue the best possible outcome for your unique case. 

What are those factors that help determine the actual worth of my car accident claim? 

Each car accident and its related injuries are unique, which means factors determining the damage and worth of claim can vary and depend on several factors. This includes the severity of injuries and the degree of negligence that occurred at the time of the incident. Our attorneys will investigate your case and determine your claim based on – 

  • Complete evidence, 
  • Inquiry requirements, 
  • Amount of medical bills accrued
  • The timespan of lost wages or off-work days 
  • Future requirements

How much time is it required to settle my New Mexico car accidental claim? 

Usually, the time required to reach a car accident settlement or jury verdict varies with each case and claim. But the predicting factors may include – how your injury occurred, your recovery period suggested by medical professionals, and insurance companies’ willingness or lack thereof to negotiate each prospect that affects your ongoing case. 

While only a few car accidents cases move ahead into trials. If all negotiations break down, we will try our best to litigate your claim into the courtroom. And if we together choose this path, it ultimately extends the period of the verdict.