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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers In Houston, TX

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Side walkers are vulnerable to accidents, hit, slip, and falls whenever they are on the street. They may be walking on the sidewalk but are at high risk of getting hit. Pedestrians are rarely warned about getting hit; in addition, they can hardly outpower the speeding automobiles at any cost. Side walkers do not have any safety gear or physical protection to save themselves from injuries in a pedestrian catastrophe.

Getting hit by speeding vehicles can cause minor to severe injuries. It gets hard to recover from those injuries and can lose wages, earning capacity, and emotional pain. Therefore, you can speak to a pedestrian accident attorney to file a claim against the responsible party to recover from these losses.

Why do Pedestrian Mishaps Happen in Houston?

Wayfarer accidents usually involve motorized vehicles and side walkers. The negligent behavior of the driver can cause an accident. Drivers fail to concentrate on the road; they use their mobile phones or indulge in conversation with people. These activities result in catastrophic accidents.

Pedestrian accidents also result in loss of life and property damage. However, apart from the driver’s negligence, at the time, the motorists are unable to trace the pedestrian because of bad lighting on crosswalks and more.

How Can You Claim Compensation for Pedestrian Mishaps in Houston, TX?

All the people injured in a pedestrian catastrophe can claim compensation for their losses, injuries, and expenses. In addition, anyone who has suffered property damage can also file a claim and ask for a financial settlement from the responsible party.

The law for compensating damages, injuries, and expenses was made to help the injured become whole again, which means that the person will have his losses covered and regain his position before the accident happens.

The compensation and settlements for pedestrian accidents include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Transportation to the emergency room
  • Emotional and mental pain
  • Any other suffering or loss to property

In general, the driver must drive safely on the streets and roads to avoid any collision, either with other vehicles or pedestrians. As the situation demands, you can also file a punitive damage claim to teach a lesson to the river for his reckless behavior.

When you speak with our pedestrian accident lawyer about your case and the injuries you have suffered, he will investigate the matter and collect pieces of evidence from eyewitnesses. In some cases, they also take help from accident reconstruction experts to recreate the scenes and determine the cause of the accident. The documentation of collected shreds of evidence and witnesses is then used to strengthen your case.

If you seek a pedestrian accident lawyer, you can call 575-449-3577 to speak to the best lawyers in Houston city. After you receive your medical aid, you first need to consult a pedestrian accident lawyer and get started with the proceedings to recover your expenses rightfully.

Who is responsible for Hit and Run Pedestrian Mishap in Houston, TX?

When a person gets injured while walking on a street, he can claim a compensation amount from his insurance company. The victim can also claim compensation from the other party at fault; however, if the responsible party does not carry insurance, the victim can claim the amount from his insurance.

What are the Traffic Laws and Rights for Pedestrians in Houston?
The traffic laws for wayfarers usually get high standard care irrespective of the circumstances. Therefore, it is stated as a right for the walkers on the street to get away, no matter the situation.

When you consult with our lawyers, they will examine the pedestrian accident situation and determine the cause before proceeding. If the cause of the accident is the recklessness of the drivers, then our pedestrian accident lawyers will consider adding punitive damage. The punitive damages are added to make the driver understand his mistake.

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How can Law Officers at Samuel I. Kane help in Pedestrian Accident Cases?

Pedestrians who suffer minor to major injuries because of accidents on the streets are eligible for claiming compensation from insurance companies. The attorneys at our pedestrian accident law firm help analyze the situation and determine the cause of the accident. Then, based on the situation and the damages that occurred to the clients, our lawyers will assist in claiming compensation. Even when you do not own health insurance, the attorneys will direct you to agencies that can allow you to recover amounts to take care of your medical expenses.

It is not easy to get money from insurance companies. The insurance adjusters try and settle the claim for as a minimum amount as they can for the damages. It is also true for your insurance policy that you have been paying a premium for years.

Therefore, having lawyers with expertise in handling pedestrian accident cases will help you communicate well with the insurance agents. They will represent you before the insurance company’s agents and take your case to trial if the insurance firms do not offer the deserving amount.

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Pedestrian Accident FAQ’s

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents even when the Pedestrians use Crosswalk Properly?

Pedestrian accidents can result from the driver’s negligence leading to severe injuries to the side walkers. There are high chances that the pedestrian is not at fault but suffers serious injuries because of the vehicle driver’s fault.

What are my Obligations as a Pedestrian to Prevent Accidents?

Pedestrians should always follow traffic rules and duties laid down for them. For example, it would be best to cross the road only when the signal is for you. Similarly, it would help if you walked on crossroads, zebra crossings, and designated lanes while walking.