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Bus Accident Lawyer In Houston, TX

Hire our experienced bus accident lawyer to claim against the city entity or convict for your injuires.

The most common mode of public transport on the road is a bus. However, it involves a lot of risk of an accident on an everyday basis. Many people suffer injuries, loss of life, damage to property in a bus accident. If you are involved in a bus accident and have suffered damages and loss, you are eligible for compensation for them by law. 

It is suggested to get medical treatment and complete medical checkups for everyone involved in a bus accident. You might not be taken to the hospital by ambulance because of no visible injuries. However, you should understand that some injuries may not be apparent at the time of the accident but show consequences later. 

After obtaining medical care and first aid, you must contact a bus accident lawyer in Houston to determine your loss on a monetary basis and file a claim on your behalf. 

Why is a Bus Accident Attorney Important in Houston?

Although bus accidents are rare, they are bound to create a big impact on life and property when they happen. Bus accidents create a different situation, and the injured require a bus accident attorney to understanding the legalities. 

Houston’s existing bus accident and compensation laws need the victims and all other people who have suffered losses in a bus accident to file a prior notice. The laws give them 90 days to preserve their injury claim for the accident. 

In addition, a Houston bus crash lawyer is eligible to file the notice for tort claim while the clients weigh their legal options against the liable parties. 

What are the Damages Caused by Bus Accidents in Houston?

The degree of damage may vary from the situation and surroundings of the bus crash. Therefore, there may be different claims for you to file, for example, wrongful death punitive compensation and personal injury claim. 

When we talk about compensatory claims, we intend to get your finances recovered for your medical expenses, loss of earnings emotional and physical pain. In addition, you will also be compensated for the loss of earning capacity for the future. 

When the accident occurs, punitive damages are added to the list because of the driver’s reckless behavior, such as intake of intoxicants, using a mobile phone while driving, and more. Punitive damages are considered mostly to punish the driver for negligent behavior and teach them a powerful lesson.  

A bus accident may involve more than one party responsible for the crash. The responsible parties also hold insurance with them. However, not all parties need to have enough insurance coverage with them. Therefore, you need to talk to bus accident attorneys and take legal advice. The attorneys also help you get the claim even when the people do not have enough insurance premium. 

What if You have to File a Claim Against the Government Authorities owning the Bus? 

A bus accident may involve vehicles owned by city and government authorities. If you have to file a claim against these parties, you have to complete some documentations ad legal requirements. For example, if you have 90 days from the date of the accident to file a notice of tort claim. 

To complete and understand this required documentation, you can contact our bus accident attorneys at The Law Office of Samuel in Houston. 

Why are Bus Accident Attorneys Important? 

There are various reasons you would need a bus crash lawyer to assist you through your claim process.  

  • Legal Procedure Expertise: Several legal requirements are involved in filing a claimed charge when a state entity is a part of the accident. A Houston bus accident lawyer has the expert knowledge required to determine the loss and compensation amount for your loss. He will also direct you through the process within the time frame and keep you updated. 
  • Assessment of Damage: Every situation and bus accident is different. The degree of damage varies from one accident to another. The factors such as negligence, location, and impact of the clash play a vital role in analyzing the situation. 

When you contact a Houston bus accident lawyer, you will get someone to investigate the matter and collect vital information. The information will be presented to make your case strong. In addition, it will help in determining the compensatory amount for your loss.

Our Experienced Bus Crash Attorney in Houston, TX

Our bus accident law firm has years of experience helping clients settle their claims in bus accident cases, personal injury, wrongful death, and more. Unfortunately, it is common for bus accident claims to take longer to settle because of the involvement of government entities. 

Apart from filing the proper tort notice, our layers also deal with insurance adjusters to settle the claim with sufficient compensation to recover the financial losses of our clients. 

Other Services at Our office

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