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Brain Injury Lawyers In Houston, TX

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Brain injuries are caused by a bolt or serious jolt in an accident. You may get serious brain injuries by slip or fall also. Although getting a brain injury is rare, you are eligible to file a brain injury claim against that party if you get hurt because of somebody else’s negligence and mistake. 

You can file a claim against the responsible party with the help of a brain injury lawyer in Houston. Cases of brain injuries have severe consequences. Some might be visible, while others may take a few days to come out as symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries have expensive treatment plans and cause a loss of earning capacity to the victim. 

Therefore, the law in Houston favors the victims and allows them to claim monetary compensation for their loss. So, if you or your valued ones have suffered brain injuries, you can contact our brain injury attorney. He will guide you through the legal rules and regulations. 

Causes of Brain Injury in Houston, TX

Brain injuries can be major or minor based on the accident’s impact. You can suffer from brain injuries in any situation, but common causes are

  • Accident involving a motor vehicle
  • Bike accident
  • Slip and fall 
  • Any violence 
  • A sudden jolt and more

The brain injury lawyers help in cases where the circumstances cause brain injuries because of the other person’s mistake or negligent behavior. 

Why are Brain Injury Lawyers Important in Claiming Compensation in Houston?

Brain injuries can get apparent after a few days or months of the accident. You could get into a tiff with someone or get involved in an accident and get a minor injury; however, you never know that minor injury could transform into a severe brain complication. It is mainly when the symptoms take time to manifest and show consequences. 

A person can experience slow memory loss, constant dizziness, depressed mood, loss of interest, and more. It is common for the accident impact to affect a person’s emotional, mental, and physical health. Treating such issues along with brain injury is very costly. The medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity for the future are too much to bear. 

Therefore, a traumatic brain injury attorney will help you determine the total loss and file a claim against the responsible party. The claim will include all the losses and expenses that the victim’s family must bear. It will include all the expenses like medical, rehabilitation, lost income, and more. 

Our experienced brain injury attorneys in Houston are well trained in handling complex cases of traumatic brain injuries. They collaborate with a medical professional to get details of your current health status and collect expenses documents to make a strong case. The compensation evaluation is done under the legal spectrum and places the responsibility on the liable party with all the supporting evidence. 

How to Deal with Insurance Companies in Houston? 

Insurance companies are smart enough to downplay injuries and minimize claims. They start to talk to the victims and settle the amount for a lesser amount than the actual amount. However, you will get legal guidance when you discuss the case with an experienced injury lawyer. It would be best to speak with the insurance company through your brain injury lawyer. 

The brain injury lawyers represent you negotiate to get the highest amount in compensation so that all your losses are recovered. In addition, attorneys also open more options to appraise the claim amount as per the legal rights. 

Services by The Law Office of Samuel in Houston

You can find us by searching for ‘brain injury lawyer Houston‘ on the internet. However, we also offer legal guidance and no-obligation free consultation to our clients in the following

  • Car Accident
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Truck Accident
  • Bus Accident 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Pedestrian Accident 
  • Dog Bite
  • Brain Injury 
  • Slip and Fall 
  • Motorcycle Accident 
  • Airplane Accident 
  • Premises Liability 

The attorneys at our law company have years of experience in handling minor to severe brain injury cases. Our lawyers have helped the clients get the maximum compensation amount as per their circumstance’s injury impact. In addition, they work with medical professionals to analyze your compensation under the legal spectrum. 

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Traumatic Brain Injury FAQs

How will the Brain Injury be Detected to Prove the Claim for Personal Injury? 

Brain injuries are hard to detect without any medical help. The medical professionals are trained to use various scans and exams like neurological scans, image testing, and more to detect any injuries in the brain. 

Brain injuries may, at times, take a long time to heal and let the person live a normal life. Therefore, current diagnosis reports are also attached to present the need for rehabilitation, treatment, and therapy. 

One can Suffer from How Many Kinds of Brain Injuries? 

Different types of brain injuries can occur in case of accidents. They are

  • Mild Injuries: These are minor concussions that heal by themselves within some time. A person might feel some pain, but nothing serious about such injuries. However, it would help get a proper medical check-up before tagging it as a minor injury. 
  • Moderate Brain Injuries: These injuries are a bit harsh on human beings. They affect the regular lifestyle of a person. He may find it hard to remember things, always feels dizzy, have issues concentrating, seizures, and more. 
  • Severe Brain Injuries: Severe brain injuries may lead a person to coma consistent seizures and affect a person’s physical, mental, and physiological health. It can be a result of a heavy impact from an accident. 

Why are Brain Injury Settlements larger than ordinary Financial Claims? 

Brain injuries affect a person for a long time. It impacts the victim’s and family members’ emotional, physical, mental, and financial health. It is common for brain injury treatments to cost high and take a lot of time to heal.

Therefore, a person loses his daily wages, his capacity to earn in the future. Along with the medical expenses, other expenses follow. Other than the victim, the members are also affected. Therefore, upon evaluating all the losses, the financial claim and settlement in brain injuries are higher than ordinary claims. 

Why Should I Partner with Brain Injury Lawyers? 

Partnering with a brain injury lawyer at the Law Office of Samuel in Houston will help you claim your deserving financial amount without having issues. You will get all the legal guidance with due documentation and evidence collection. In addition, our lawyers will outline your case strongly and represent you before the insurance company agents and the court of law if necessary.