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Bicycle Accident Attorney In Houston, TX

Approach our bicycle accident attorney to file a claim against the convict.

Bicycle is one of the commonly used modes of transport in urban and rural areas. It is a healthier option to ride a bicycle and commute to places. Many people use bicycles for daily commute while others ride bicycles as a part of their fitness routine.

No matter the use of bicycles, there are high chances of bicycle collision due to negligent vehicle operators. Bicycle collisions can also be caused by people under the influence of drugs and intoxicants.

So, if you or any of your knowns have suffered an injury or loss of property in a bicycle accident, you can hire a bicycle accident lawyer in Houston. He will help determine the legal compensation for your loss and represent you before the court of law.

What are the Everyday Reasons for Bicycle Accidents? 

Many factors lead to bicycle accidents leaving the bicycle rider with injuries. In rare cases, the rider slips off the situation and is not hurt, but most cases result in severe damage to life and property. The causes can be:

  • Low Visibility: Being slow and small, bicycles are often hard to see; however, as a responsible motorist, one should always watch out for cyclists.
  • Distractions while Driving: People get distracted using mobile phones, get into deep thinking, conversations with other passengers, and more.
  • Lack of Reflex Action: Some motorists do not register the situation and cannot gauge their reflex action, leading to a deadly outcome.

No matter the reason for the bicycle clash and injuries, it is important that you contact a bicycle accident attorney to learn your rights and demand compensation from the responsible party.

Rules for Cyclists in Houston, TX

The cyclists in Houston must obey traffic rules as a part of their safety guidelines. They have designated lanes for cyclists to ride through the city. Although it is not mandatory, the riders on bicycles are always suggested to wear a helmet to prevent any serious injuries.

In most cities and states, motorists must keep a safe distance of at least 5 feet from cyclists. If any motorist is found breaching the safety guidelines, they are held liable for a criminal act and also booked under negligent driving.

What are the Injuries Caused by Bicycle Accident? 

Bicycle accidents can lead to severe injuries like

  • Head injuries
  • Fractured limbs
  • Facial cracks, wounds
  • Other non-serious injuries like scratches, rashes, scrapes, and more.

We must keep in mind that unfortunate situations might also lead to the cyclist’s death. In addition, several factors are responsible for the impact of injuries on the cyclists, such as

  • Speed on both ends
  • Location of the clash
  • Use of safety gears

You will be glad to know that other experienced attorneys are well prepared to determine your loss and file the compensation claim against the liable persons. They go through the situation, understand your point and collect all required documents to support the case. Hence it is important to first reach out to a bike accident lawyer after getting the medical treatment.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Houston

The law Office of Samuel in Houston has experienced and professional attorneys who are ready to help our clients. In addition, we work on an obligation basis, meaning that you do not have to pay any fee until you receive your financial compensation from the liable party.

The bike accident attorney assigned to you will investigate the matter and collect evidence to strengthen your case. Then, he will represent you before the insurance company’s agent and negotiate your deserving compensation. We have been handling bike accident cases for many years; thus, making us one of the best choices for a law firm for cyclists who get hurt in road accidents.

Other Practice Areas of The Law School of Samuel in Houston

You can contact our law firm to get immediate legal assistance in the following

  • Slip and Fall
  • Bicycle Accident
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  • Spine Injury
  • Truck Accident
  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injury
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Our team comprises lawyers and investigators with many years of experience in their field of work. The bicycle accident lawyer assigned to you will aggressively pursue the claim to get you your financial compensation for the losses that occurred due to someone else’s negligence.

Our law firm has been victorious in helping the clients get their medical care started, even before the claim is settled. We understand the situation and work for the benefit of our clients under the legal spectrum.