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Airplane Accident Lawyer In Houston, TX

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There are several causes of airplane accidents, including negligence on the airplane crew, air traffic control officers, and more. Airplane crashes are severe in most cases; however, the smallest crash also results in injuries and wounds to the passengers, crew members, and the surroundings. Hence, people need to contact an airplane accident lawyer to claim their compensation for the damage. 

Aviation Accident and Airplane Attorneys

Commercial aviation rules and regulations ensure that flight attendants, air control officers, and ground crew work together and have clear communication to have a safe take-off and landing. Their communication is also important while the plane is in the air. 

Major plane crashes happen because of miscommunication, but the malfunctioning of plan parts is equally responsible for such incidents. However, a person’s chances of getting into a car crash are more than that of an airplane accident. However, the damages the much more in an airplane accident than in other accidents. 

If you or your loved one have been injured in an airplane crash and need an aviation injury lawyer to represent you before the court of law then, contact our experienced attorney in the Law Office of Samuel. Our attorney will help you learn more about your legal rights and financial recovery from the liable parties.

Types of Aviation Options in Houston

Houston is a beautiful city and offers its skies for various aviation sectors to operate freely. There are various sectors in which aviation is used. You can use it for:

  • Commercial Aviation: To carry goods, cargo, and passengers from one place to another. The flights are scheduled from different places. They are operated on a monetary basis.
  • General Aviation includes the use of personally owned jets and airplanes for business or personal use. The jets are not registered under any commercial airlines. 
  • Military Aviation: includes aerial combat and cargo transportation with the military aircraft.

Commercial airplanes must follow the aviation rules and federal safety standards to ensure complete safety for everyone. The safety rules include checking airplane equipment, traffic control, safe landing, and take-off guides. It also includes an active rescue plan in case of an emergency.

In most cases, any breach of the safety protocol such as miscommunication, misjudgment, lack of emergency response by the ground crew and cabin crew might lead to a serious crash. The crash can leave people and property damaged and may result in loss of life.

Federal Aviation Administration does not supervise private jets and aircraft; however, they have to follow a few rules to fly easily. It also helps in keeping the air traffic under control. However, the lack of supervision leads to accidents. In addition, inadequate maintenance and equipment check also results in severe crashes.

Causes of Airplane Accidents in Houston

You could get into a crash while using any mode of aviation. The crashes may lead to severe injuries or the death of a loved one. There may be many potential reasons led lead to an airplane crash like:

  • Pilot error
  • Equipment failure
  • Human error
  • Air traffic controller negligence
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of emergency rescue response

It is suggested to seek medical care right after the airplane crash because of any reason. The injured should get themselves completely diagnosed and checked to ensure no hidden injuries while receiving the needed first-aid.

The next step after getting medical care is to contact your aviation accident attorney in Houston to get the required legal aid and claim your compensation from the liable parties. You can search for ‘aviation accident attorney Houston,’ and you will see The Law Office of Samuel on your screen. Our experienced attorneys are ready to take over your case and represent you before the insurance agency and the court of law if needed.

How Do the Aviation Accident Attorneys Keep the Evidences Safe After the Airplane Crash? 

The National Transport Safety board investigates all airplane crashes in the United States. They collect all the evidence and duly preserve it for documenting their investigation and determining the root cause of the accident.

The aviation accident attorney for your case will closely check the investigation and follow it religiously to list down all the points. Then, they discuss the points with our experts to reach the cause of the accident. It also helps them list the factors responsible for the damage and fatalities in the crash.

Some factors included in an airplane crash are

  • Error at the air traffic controller’s end
  • Misjudgment by the pilot
  • Part of equipment failure
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Design defects
  • Airport runway issues

Our airplane accident lawyers also research and investigate the cause of the crash individually with the help of our in-house professional investigators. They collect the evidence of all the expense bills and determine the compensation amount you claim from the liable party.

How can the Airplane Crash Attorney Help in Handling the Insurance Company? 

Airplane crashes are not so common; they get complete media attention. The crash details are widely shared among people and are constantly put up in the news. Therefore, the insurance companies’ attorneys start to prepare their defense statements to reduce the financial liability on themselves.

In many cases, they talk to the victims and try to settle the cases outside the court. The immediate statement from the passengers may lead to an uninformed decision on the passengers’ part. Therefore, it is important that you consult your aviation accident attorney and only communicate with the insurance agency through your lawyer.  

Such traumatic events leave a person with emotional, mental, and physical wounds, which need time to heal. Therefore, victims should only make any statement and take all major decisions after recovering from the injuries.

Partnering with our experienced lawyers at The Law Office of Samuel will help you get deserving compensation for your financial, emotional, and mental loss in airplane crashes. First, however, it is essential to ensure that you do not jeopardize the case by directly communicating with the insurance agents.

What happens If I Lose a Loved One in an Airplane Accident in Houston? 

Often airplane crashes are tragic and lead to loss of life and property. It leaves the families of the deceased helpless. In many cases, the deceased is the only breadwinner for the family.

Therefore, Houston laws allow you to claim financial compensation for losing the person in the airplane crash. You can file a wrongful death charge against the responsible party and get the deserving financial compensation.

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