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Truck Accident Attorneys In Hobbs, NM

Get the best financial claims against convicts with our certified truck accident attorneys.

Truck accidents are common and life-threatening due to trucks’ massive weight and size. As a result, there is a high possibility of serious injuries and even death of motorists, passengers, and people on the street in truck accidents. That is the reason why truck drivers need to undergo rigorous driving tests before offering them a driving license in any state.

Common causes of truck accidents in Hobbs, NM

Driver fatigue and drowsiness is the major cause of truck accidents. Driving for a long time on the road and insufficient rest or sleep can make drivers tired and unable to keep track of the road.

Moreover, harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, storms, snowfall, and hail can also lead to truck accidents. Also, poor maintenance, faulty parts, and poorly secured cargo can cause truck accidents on the road.

What to do after a truck accident in Hobbs, NM?

If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, it is important to take medical treatment immediately. You, or someone on your behalf, should be able to contact a Hobbs truck accident attorney.

It is also important to write down all the information about the cause of the accident at the accident site. For example, in many cases of Hobbs truck accidents, drivers are unaware that the primary cause behind the accident was the noise of their truck. By writing down information that identifies the specific truck, such as the license plate, color, size, number of wheels, and other visible marks on the truck, you can file a related claim against the person responsible for the damage and injuries caused to you.

Importance of a Hobbs Truck Accident Lawyer

Claiming compensation for a truck accident in Hobbs can be challenging for many people. This is because commercial transport service providers usually have commercial insurance coverage. Still, the claim adjusters and Hobbs truck accident lawyers representing insurance companies can make it difficult to get compensation or the full amount you deserve.

An experienced Hobbs truck accident lawyer can represent you in discussions with aggressive attorneys and claim adjusters and help you receive the maximum amount of compensation in case of a truck accident. The injured party should have an experienced Hobbs truck accident attorney who can deal with these more aggressive and experienced claims adjusters and their attorneys.

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  • Truck Accident
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  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death

Truck Driver Service Standards in Hobbs, NM

Commercial carriers are required by law to maintain a high level of care and safety when their trucks and vehicles are on the road. Therefore, they need to hire only trained and licensed drivers and keep their vehicles in good working condition.

Carriers must also follow certain rules that promote road safety and reduce truck accidents. The advanced training and experience of truck drivers make it easy to prove negligence in a truck accident.

The Hobbs truck accident law firm Samuel I. Kane P.A. has years of experience prosecuting truck accidents in state and federal courts. Many truck drivers and their employers belong to other states, and lawsuits filed in state courts are likely to be referred to federal courts, where we have the expertise and experience to handle truck accident cases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Accidents

Should I give my medical records to the transportation company or their insurance company?

No. It is not uncommon for a careless truck driver, trucking company, or insurance company to request your medical records after a truck accident. They aim to prove that you had a pre-existing medical condition that caused your injuries, rather than just accepting that they were caused by a truck accident. When an experienced truck accident attorney fights for you, we make sure they access only the accident-specific medical records, not your entire medical history.

Can I Claim Myself for Accidental Damage in a Truck Accident in New Mexico?

The short answer is yes. However, truck accidents are complex and may involve more than one careless party, which will be difficult to manage, let alone achieve results, without an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side. Unless your complaint is so complicated that you give up, don’t let one party blame the other. Contact our New Mexico truck accident attorneys.

I was taken to the hospital after a truck accident, and I don’t know what happened. Do I still have a truck accident claim?

It is not uncommon for victims of truck accidents to require immediate medical attention as the injuries are often severe or devastating. However, just because you weren’t there to get a police report or talk to witnesses doesn’t mean you don’t have a case. Your injuries will help speak for you, and our experienced personal injury attorneys will review the details of the accident using our investigative resources to deliver results.

Can my insurance company investigate a truck accident, so I don’t need to hire a lawyer?

When you approach your insurance company to get the details of your truck accident claim, they will usually enter into an agreement with the responsible party’s insurance company. However, the more serious your injuries are, the more likely you are to need an experienced truck accident lawyer by your side. This is because your insurance will only consider the estimated value of your loss. Our truck accident lawyers give you a comprehensive overview of all your needs now, and in the future, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

How Will My Truck Accident Lawyer Determine Who Is Responsible for My Injuries?

One of the main reasons to work with an experienced truck accident attorney is to know who is responsible for your injuries, so we can examine each insurer to get the best financial results for your unique claim. This means investigating the accident scene, reviewing eyewitness accounts, reviewing police reports, checking driver records, hours of operation, and the condition of the truck after the accident, to name a few.