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Slip and Fall Attorneys In Hobbs, NM

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Slips and falls can happen to any person at any place. Accidents like slips and falls usually happen in stairs, sidewalks, store floors, and train tracks. The common reasons for slip and fall injuries are poor maintenance and outdated equipment in such places.

However, some other conditions, such as excess clutter in department stores, old or torn carpeting, and insufficient supervision in shopping complexes, can be the reasons for slip and fall accidents. 

In addition, the weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or ice, can also lead to slip and fall injuries. Therefore, if you or any of your family members has suffered a slip and fall injury, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced slip and fall lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries. 

Proving a slip and fall injury in Hobbs, NM

Slips and falls present challenges for the injured party as negligence on the part of the party or entity that owns or controls the premises can be difficult to prove. Not everyone who is injured in a slip and fall accident is able to claim compensation. To proceed with a successful claim, an injured party must not have been negligent or contributed to the slip and fall.

The claims for accidental slips and falls may fail if the injuries are pre-existing. Therefore, Hobbs accident attorneys at the law firm of Samuel I. Kane P.A. closely examine every incident of slip and fall, particularly the level of negligence of the person or organization that may be responsible for the accident of our client.

Property owners in Hobbs are obliged to keep their premises secure

When people visit a public building or premises of a business, it should be completely safe for the public. Building owners and business managers who invite visitors or guests into their properties are legally obliged to keep the premises safe and free of hidden hazards such as loose stairs or liquid pools that a reasonably cautious client would not avoid.

Property owners, especially business owners, should periodically inspect the premises for any hazardous conditions that may develop throughout the day. If there are any type of hazards in the property that can lead to a risk to visitors or customers, the property owner may be held liable for the visitor’s injuries. So, the property owners need to know the hazards and risks in their premises and fix them immediately.

In some cases, a hazardous condition can arise suddenly, and a visitor may be injured before the property owner or manager has a chance to fix or eliminate the hazard. For example, if a child walks away from their parents at a grocery store, knocks a bottle of juice off a shelf, and another customer slips into the puddle of juice before the store staff can be notified, the store manager is unlikely to be held responsible for such accidents.

How do Hobbs Slip and Fall Attorneys at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane help?

Store managers, in most cases, may try to argue that they had no chance or didn’t find time to fix a hazard or dangerous condition before the occurrence of an accident. However, they had more than enough time to fix dangerous conditions if they inspected their premises and performed their duty regularly. Our Hobbs slip and fall accident attorney at the Samuel L. Kane law firm will investigate your slip and fall case in depth while we prepare your personal injury claim.

Using all the pieces of evidence available found during the investigation, such as inspection records, eyewitness reports, and surveillance camera footage, we can show how long the dangerous condition has existed and whether the property owners had enough time to fix it before the occurrence of the incident that led to an injury. Contact us today for a free assessment of your Hobbs slip and fall claim.

What to do if you slip and fall in Hobbs, NM?

As in any other case, when someone is physically injured, the injured person should seek medical attention immediately. After obtaining medical treatment, they should consult a licensed personal injury lawyer who can arrange for the necessary liability notices to be filed in a timely manner.

If the accident involves government property, the injured party must file a tort claim notice within a specified period of time to keep the personal injury claim valid.

A Hobbs licensed personal injury attorney can also determine the degree of negligence, the location of the negligence, the guilty party, and other legal remedies to protect your Hobbs slip and fall claim.

Rights of a Person Injured at a Local Supermarket in Hobbs, NM

A local grocery store has a duty of care to its customers to ensure a safe and risk-free environment for customers whose attention may not be on the pathway but on the store shelves when shopping for their necessities.

Liability for slip and fall accident at work

Anyone who is injured on the job as a result of employer negligence generally has the exclusive opportunity to assert a workers’ compensation claim. However, the rule comes with some exceptions that a licensed Hobbs slip and fall attorney can assess based on the actual circumstances of a slip and fall accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Restaurants in Hobbs, NM

Busy restaurants have a high potential for the occurrence of slip injury accidents. Customers may spill drinks or food, which can create a slip hazard that may not be visible to others. Even if a customer or group of customers reports such spills to the management, the restaurant employees are likely to lack the time or other important tasks. However, restaurant management and staff are legally responsible for keeping restaurants safe and harmless, even during busy hours.

Hobbs slips and falls at Stairwell Apartment.

The owner of an apartment complex has a legal obligation to ensure a safe environment for the people living there. The apartment and all its areas should be free from damage, including the stairs, the pool, the garden, and the parking area. In the event of a breach of this duty of care, he may be entitled to compensation for bodily harm, salary, and monetary compensation.

Slip and Fall Liability at a New Mexico Airport

When a slip and fall accident occurs at an airport, it is important to determine the exact location of the accident in order to establish legal liability for the injury.

Accidents that occur at a facility owned and/or controlled by the administration of a state, county, city requires special attention and timely filing of a liability claim.

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