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Bus Accident Lawyer In Hobbs, NM

File mandatory tort notice with bus accident lawyers to obtain due compensation claim.

Public buses are an essential mode of transportation in today’s times. However, passengers face the risks of mishaps whenever they travel by bus. Hence, if you are ever involved in a bus accident, seeking medical help is vital even if you are not transported to the hospital at the time of the incident. Sometimes the injury is not apparent at the time of the accident. So, a primary doctor can examine you to ensure that you are fine and then prescribe you medical treatment.

If you are a passenger involved in a bus accident, you can claim compensation against your injuries caused due to such accidents. Consult Hobbs Bus Accident lawyer after the accident to take legal action against the responsible party and seek compensation for your injuries.

What is the Importance of Hobbs, NM Bus Accident Attorney?

When a public bus is operated in New Mexico, accidents are involved that can create a unique situation. As per the laws, prior notice of claim for your injury must be filed within 90 days of the accident.

Our Hobbs, NM Bus Accident Lawyer can file up the notice of tort claim and weigh your legal options against the responsible party who caused you your personal injuries.

Damages Arising From Bus Accidents In Hobbs, NM

Suppose you are ever involved in a bus accident, depending on the situation that caused your injury. In that case, you are liable to claim either compensatory damage, a potential claim, or punitive damages when the accident is caused due to reckless behavior.

  • Compensatory Damages- These are the damages intended to make the injured person recover their full payment of lost wages, medical expenses, and compensation for their suffering and pain.
  • Punitive Damages- Such damages are recovered when the accident happened due to reckless behavior, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In some situations, the purpose behind recovering punitive damages is to deter or publish reckless behavior.

It is possible that the accident is caused due to the negligence of different parties like the operator, bus driver, or bus owner. Such parties often have insurance coverage that you can pursue.

Our Hobbs Bus crash lawyer can help you assert a claim even if the responsible party comprises a minimal insurance policy for a specific injury.

Claiming Compensation From The City or Government Entity Owning The Bus

An accident caused by the bus owned by a government or city entity such as the Department of Transportation comprises statutory requirements to claim your personal injuries.

A mandatory 90-day notice of tort claim is required to be filled before anyone pursuing a claim for the negligence caused by a state or city bus.

Contact Hobbs Bus Accident Attorney at the earliest after seeking medical treatment to preserve your claim against the responsible party.

Why is it important to consult a Bus accident Attorney in Hobbs, New Mexico?

Knowledge of Legal Procedure?

A bus accident caused by a state or city entity requires special terms in order to claim compensation against your injuries.

A Hobbs bus accident lawyer will investigate your situation and offer legal advice on how to file a notice of claim and what is the right time to file it against your injuries.

Assessment of Damages

Every accident is different, and damages involved in the accident will depend on the situation of the accident and the degree and role of the negligence of the responsible party.

A Hobbs Bus Accident Attorney will examine all the details of the incident and determine whether negligent or reckless behavior was present to estimate the right value or punitive and compensatory damages caused by accident.

Our Bus Accident Experience in Hobbs, NM

Our Hobbs Bus accident attorneys at The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. have years of experience handling bus accident claims efficiently. In addition, we help clients to obtain legally entitled claims and settlements.

Bus accident claims take a longer time than ordinary claims, and we can still obtain rightful settlements for our clients. We did appropriate tort claim notice and dealt with commercial insurance parties to settle your claim and acquire legally deserved compensation to recover you financially, emotionally, and physically.

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In Hobbs, The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane has an extensive background in bus accident claims, a working relationship with the city attorney’s office, and knowledge of procedures for filling up the tort claim notice.

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