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Car Accident Attorney In Galveston, TX

Our car accident attorneys help victims in obtaining the maximum value of compensation.

The car accident attorneys at the Law Office of Samuel in Galveston are professionals prepared to handle cases of a car accident where a person or more are injured. We do not take sole property damage cases in car accidents and crashes. However, if you or your loved ones are wounded in a car accident, our car accident lawyer will also look after the property damage without any additional fee. 

To hire the services of the best car accident attorney in Galveston, you can search ‘car accident attorney Galveston’ on the internet, and you will find us right on top. You can rest assured with our services; we will guide you to get through the process smoothly. 

What to Do Right After a Car Accident in Galveston? 

When a person gets into a car accident, the first step is to get immediate medical care. At times you might see a visible wound, but at most times, you would have to get a complete body check-up to determine any hidden wounds.  

Medical treatment is important to ensure that you are in good health. However, studies have shown that a person may not have visible injuries, but until they realize it, it gets too late to treat the issue. 

Therefore, it is necessary to inform healthcare about even the smallest amount of pain to prevent any effects of the accident. In addition, it is important to get a complete report of your physical health to maximize your claim. 

When in Galveston, you need to connect with a car accident law firm to process your file for claiming health and property damage in the car crash. After your medical treatment, you can contact our car accident attorney for immediate help on the case. 

Why Should You Claim Compensation in Car Accidents? 

car accidents happen now, and then, various reasons may lead to car accidents on the road. However, the injured people in the crash have to pay hefty prices for the accident. People have also lost their loved ones in car crashes in many cases.  

Claiming compensation after a car accident helps restore your physical, mental, emotional, and financial health. Often, the person who gets injured is the sole breadwinner of the family; thus, the family needs finances to fulfill their necessities. That is when a car accident attorney helps you claim the required compensation. 

The compensation will include medical bills, lost earnings, and physical or emotional pain. The car accident lawyer will listen to your case, access the accident area, and also evaluate your losses to calculate the compensation that you deserve as per the law. Our attorneys believe in bringing the person back to their original state like they were in before meeting the accident. 

The Role of Insurance Companies in Car Accidents

Insurance companies try to minimize the liability on themselves. Therefore, it is riskier to deal with them without any legal help. It would be best to speak to your car accident attorney before getting into any conversation with the insurance companies. 

They tend to play with your mind and make you believe that a claim on their insurance leads to higher premiums or, as such. However, in Mexico, it is a law that no insurance company can raise the premium during the claiming process. 

Hence, if you get in touch with the best car accident attorney in Galveston, you will get the legal aid necessary to file a claim with the insurance company. In addition, you will know the compensation you deserve under the situation. 

What if the Responsible Party has Insufficient Insurance? 

Here are cases when the responsible party for causing the crash may not carry sufficient insurance or has no insurance at all. In such cases, our attorneys work on the case and explore all the possibilities to get your pain and suffering compensated at all costs. It may include claiming your insurance. Our Galveston car accident lawyers work hard and access the situation deeply to help the claimant in every possible way. 

Other Services Offered by Our Personal Injury Law Office, Galveston

Our attorneys are available for immediate legal assistance for the following: 

  • Bicycle Accident
  • Bus Crash
  • Cases of Dog Nibble
  • Motorcycle Mishap
  • Pedestrian Catastrophe
  • Premises Liability
  • Brain injury
  • Truck Mischances
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Car Accident 

The Law Office of Samuel, Galveston has years of experience in evaluating the damage and assisting people with legal aid in case of accidents. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

Our Galveston law firm includes lawyers with over 30 years of experience dealing with accident cases. They have won several accolades and recognition for their work in the field. You will get assistance from attorneys, private investigators, and insurance claim adjusters to deliver the best results for your case. You can contact us to schedule a free consultation with the car accident lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there compensation for lost earnings if I suffer from an Injury in a Car Accident? 

Yes, you get compensation for lost wages if you suffer from any injuries in car accidents that let you off work. First, the attorney needs to complete the certification that verifies that you could not work for a certain number of days. It also includes verification from your employers and medical professionals. Then, the lawyers will evaluate the lost wages and add them to the compensation list with other expenses. 

Does the compensation also include the recovery of any loss of future earnings? 

Yes, the compensation will include any and every loss that you may suffer because of the injuries that occurred in the car crash. The injuries affect your work which causes a loss of present earnings and impacts your earning capacity; thus, the compensation will be calculated based on all such losses. 

How can I Hire a car Accident Lawyer When I am out of work because of a car accident? 

Our legal team operates on a contingency basis, meaning that you will pay the attorneys only after receiving your financial compensation. In addition, you will not pay the legal fees if you do not receive the compensation. 

Car accident claims get complicated in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it is advantageous to contact a car accident lawyer at the earliest after receiving your medical assistance. 

What are the factors involved in evaluating compensation after a car accident? 

Several factors are involved when evaluating your compensation claim for the claim in a car accident because every injury is different. The legal advisors first check the degree of your injuries and negligence at the time of the collision. 

The investigation will include collecting evidence, medical documentation, bills, and your leaves for the office. In addition, all the future losses will be calculated and added to the compensation. 

How Long Does it take to Conclude the Car Accident Claim? 

The time of finalizing varies from case to case. It includes information on how the accident occurred, the recovery period, and the insurance company’s willingness to negotiate the compensation amount. Thus, you can reduce the time by working with our experienced car accident attorneys on the documentation.