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Airplane Accident Lawyers In Galveston, TX

Our airplane accident attorneys try their best in obtaining fair compensation to fulfill victims present & future needs.

The airplane crash responsibility can be put on passengers, crew, part manufacturers, and airline personnel. They can be charged with complete or partial responsibility. Thus, the airplane attorney comes into the picture. He helps you understand the implications of the crash and determine the liability and compensation for the damages that occurred. 

Thus, there are provisions under different aviation laws that can help you compensate for any damages and injuries during an airplane crash. In general, the flight attendants, aviation crew, captain, officers, and air traffic controllers are responsible for a safe take-off and landing flight. 

The chances of an airplane crash occurring is bleak, but they cause a lot of damage if and when they occur. The passengers, crew in the plane, and others outside like vehicles, people on the ground are also hurt in the clash. For these people who, for no fault of theirs, get injured and sometimes also lose their life, the laws are there to help them get compensation for their losses. 

So, if you or any of your loved ones has been injured in an airplane crash, you can get in touch with our specialized aviation accident attorneys to understand and determine your legal rights. The aviation accident attorney assigned to you will also help you understand the demands you can put forward to the liable party for your loss. In addition, it also helps in learning to put up a straight point and not let anyone miscommunicate the happening. 

Different types of Aviation Options in Galveston, TX

Air travel comes in commercial flights, private flying planes, helicopters, and even charter flights. People use them for fulfilling various purposes; while some use them for business tours, many use them for personal trips. In addition, aviation transport is also used as a flight training source. 

You can book your tickets via commercial airlines to fly to different parts of the world. However, commercial airlines must follow the rules and regulations set by the guiding authority. The rules also include safety guidelines to ensure the passengers fly in these planes. 

When commercial airlines tend to breach the set protocols, they put a lot at risk. It also includes parts malfunctioning any miscommunication. In addition, the misjudgment and lack of proper communication may lead to an immediate rescue response that may cause harm to people or property.

As a result, it may also cause a severe airplane crash. Therefore, the airlines, pilots, crew members, and air traffic control officers need to follow the protocol at all times to prevent any damages and crashes. 

Also, private aircraft, charter planes, helicopters, etc., do not fall under the Federal Aviation Administration. Therefore, they are more likely to crash because there is rarely an equipment check. Additionally, private aircraft are also under-maintained. It has been seen that pilot error causes the most crashes in private aircraft. However, other reasons do play their part. 

What Leads to Airplane Accidents? 

Air travel is one of the most favored transportation ways for people traveling long distances. However, many people are afraid of using an airplane for traveling purposes. It may be because of the anxiety of height or something else. One of the reasons is the fear of the plane crashing. 

Many potential reasons lead to a plane crash, causing injuries and your loved ones. Some of them are: 

  • Human Error
  • Pilot Error
  • Mechanical Error
  • Weather

The errors mentioned above lead to damages mid-air and also make landing harder. In addition, it can also lead to crashes. Therefore, the first thing the injured should do is get fully checked by medical attendants. Then, they should take any medical aid required. 

The next thing after medical aid is to contact their aviation injury lawyer in Galveston to protect their rights and claim the damage amount. The aviation accident attorney at our firm is also an experienced commercial pilot. Hence, we can collect all the necessary evidence from curating the best solution for our clients. 

How does the Attorney Reserve Evidence after an Aviation Crash? 

National Transport Safety Board investigates all the aviation crashes in the United States. They preserve all the evidence of the accident until they determine the actual cause. The cause of the accident could include errors of judgment, manufacturing oversights, and even mistakes. 

Factors that are mostly associated with plane crashes are: 

  • Part failure
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Improper airport runway
  • Any defects in the plane structure
  • Misjudgment
  • Miscommunication
  • Error on the air traffic controller end

When you hire our attorney to lead your aviation crash incident, he investigates the incident independently to collect all the evidence and negotiate with the liable party’s lawyer. 

When Should You Talk to Your Insurance Company?

Airplane crashes are a lot different than car crashes. Therefore, the details are publicly available; thus, they also reach the insurance company and attorneys. As a result, they begin to prepare their defensive arguments to minimize their liabilities. 

Initially, they begin to reach the passengers to learn their side of the story leading to a quick settlement. It also helps them cover the total cost of damage by paying a much lesser amount. 

Since airplane accidents are traumatic, the passengers need time to heal through the losses and get out from the trauma. Therefore, it is suggested to talk to the insurance companies only when your accident attorney is with you. 

So, when you choose to partner with our accident attorney, we help protect your rights and firmly manage your communication with the insurance company. 

What to Do if my near and Dear One has Lost life in the Airplane Crash in Galveston? 

As we know, airplane crashes are tragic and traumatizing for people. They may also lead to death and loss of property in many cases. If you have also lost someone to an airplane crash, then you might receive the claim based on who and what was responsible for the plane crash. 

In addition, you may file a wrongful death claim against the liable party. It helps in getting the money much needed to rebuild the family life. So, you have the laws to protect you against any loss of life in airplane crashes. 

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