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Slip and Fall Attorneys In Farmington, NM

We have certified slip and fall lawyers at our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane. to evaluate your case.

Humans are vulnerable to injuries, which can happen anytime or anywhere, be it – on the road, busy street sidewalks, railways, floors, staircases, store premises, or even at your premises. And the major causes that contribute to a major slip and fall accident are – usage of old equipment, poor maintenance, etc. However, other circumstances that lead to slip and fall are – excessive clutter in store, inadequate management in common pathways post snow or heavy rain, and old or torn carpets. 

But most people mistake and consider it as a minor accident. Whereas it can cause you a broken bone, ligament, tendon, or displacement of the lower back, etc. So, if you are suffering from injuries caused by a slip and fall, you will be rightfully entitled to a compensation claim. 


Establishing a Slip and Fall injury – Farmington, NM

Slip and fall cases bring challenges for the victim and his family. For example, it becomes difficult to prove the negligence done by an entity or property manager. 

 Usually, victims do not file a claim against slip and fall accidents. So, it becomes mandatory to prove that the victim has not been negligent or contributed to slip and fall accidents in any way. Plus, their injuries and damages should not be pre-existing. Otherwise, a claim against slip and fall will automatically fail.            

We have certified slip and fall lawyers at our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane. They have years of experience handling slip and fall cases and claims, respectively. Moreover, our team of attorneys examined each slip and fall case thoroughly to determine the degree of negligence that occurred. Accordingly, they coat an adequate amount of compensation claims for their clients. 


Responsibility for keeping premises safe & soundFarmington, NM

As we expect other premises to be safe and sound while visiting. Likewise, customers and visitors expect your building or business to be clean, safe & sound, and free from hazards – puddles of liquid or loose stairs. It’s the legal duty of the property manager, business manager, and building owner to keep his premises safe and sound for tenants and visitors. 

Moreover, property owners should examine their premises regularly. And check whether their property has any loophole or developed any circumstance throughout the day carrying the possible risk of hazard. However, if an owner knowingly or unknowingly ignores a hazard present on their property that later causes injuries to the visitor will be held liable for it. And he will be strictly asked to pay the compensation amount coated by the victim and his family.  

But sometimes, a hazardous situation happens abruptly and doesn’t allow the property owner or staff to clean or repair the cause. For example, suppose a child is running away from their parents in a grocery store and mistakenly knocks a sauce bottle on the floor. And the guy behind that child suddenly slips over the sauce and gets injured. In such scenarios, injuries happen in a matter of seconds and don’t allow the floor manager to get it cleaned immediately. So, it becomes questionable to hold the property manager or staff liable against slip and fall cases or its claim, respectively.


Slip and Fall Attorneys assistance at Law Office of Samuel I. Kane – Farmington, NM

We have qualified slip and fall accident lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane. They have tremendous experience handling hundreds of cases and their claims, respectively. 

With their years of working experience, our attorneys will investigate your case, evaluate all possible outcomes while preparing a lawsuit against slip and fall accidents and resulting injuries. Then he will collect all necessary evidence like – inspection logs, eyewitness reports, security camera footage, and the area where the accident occurred. Which is required to prove the negligence of the convicted party at court. It will ultimately help us evaluate how long the harmful condition existed. And determine whether the property owner had enough time to rescue the victim or fix the fault before you got injured.

So, call us today and get free/no-obligation consultation and further assistance in filing a claim against slip and fall injuries. 

Things to consider after getting injured in slip and fall accident – Farmington, NM

Suppose you or your loved one got injured due to a slip and fall accident. It’s necessary to get medical help immediately. And contact Farmington slip and fall attorney, who has proven experience handling such complex cases and has enough resources to get your claim done. Our attorneys are trained and have enough experience to file “mandatory tort claim notice” promptly. Plus, they will actively represent your case in trials and try their best to beg the maximum value of compensation for you. 

Even if your accident involves a governmental-owned property, the victim should file their tort notice under a specific period to preserve your injury claim. 

But if you wish to have expert and professional advice or assistance, contact our citified Farmington personal injury attorney. He will assess your case, investigate the case, evaluate the degree of negligence that occurred during the accident, and determine the person at fault. Meanwhile, he will take all necessary measures to persevere your slip and fall accident claim. 

Victims’ rights in the local grocery storeFarmington, NM

Usually, most grocery stores have legal duty to keep their premises free from hazards. And maintain a safe, sound, and friendly atmosphere for visitors. And keep walkways clean for consumers, whose attention is on the shelves as they shop for their needs. Moreover, the property manager must prevent a situation that can lead to slip and fall accidents or result in serious injuries. 

Slip and fall accident liability at the workplace – Farmington, NM

According to rules – getting injured due to negligence of a co-worker or another employee at the workplace will allow you exclusive right to pursue a workman’s compensation claim. But this claim has certain exceptions, which our Farmington slip and fall lawyer can easily assess. In addition, they will assess your actual situation during a slip and fall accident. 

Slip and fall accidents in restaurants – Farmington, NM

Usually, it’s easy to have slip and fall injuries in a busy restaurant. For example, suppose a customer mistakenly spills out his water or drinks on the floor or drops their food, which can easily cause a serious slip and fall accident if not cleaned promptly. 

Suppose a customer reports their spill and the restaurant manager or staff member ignores the call despite knowing the possible threat it poses. They will be held liable for the incident and resulting injuries. They have the legal duty to keep their restaurant clean, safe and free from hazards, even if they have a huge customer flow.  

Slip and fall accident in apartment staircase – Farmington, NM

It’s the responsibility of the apartment or complex owner to repair any loophole and keep his properties hazard-free. Plus, keep lifts, staircase, poolside and other parts of the apartment complex safe and sound for owners and other visitors. 

But in case if the manager or owner fails to provide standard care or breaches his legal duty, he will be held liable against accident and resulting injuries. In addition, he will be asked to pay monetary compensation for physical injuries and punitive damages such as – pain, lost wages, and emotional suffering.  

Moreover, even if the sidewalks are publicly or privately owned, its owner’s legal duty is to keep sidewalks clear and maintain hazard-free walkways for visitors and trespassers. Otherwise, the owner will be held liable for any accident and resulting injuries. 

Liability against slip and fall accident at the airport – Farmington, NM

If any slip and fall accident occurs at the airport and the victim wants to file a claim, he must establish a few facts. 

  • First, the victim must determine the exact location where the incident happened. 
  • Next, he has to file a mandatory tort notice to file a lawsuit against an aviation company in a given period. 
  • Moreover, the victim should know the premises and who controls that premises – city, state, or county. 
The personal law office for immediate assistance after facing the following injuries – Farmington, NM

We have listed two sections below, focusing on casualties caused by vehicles or any uncertain reason covered by our law firm.

Accidents involving vehicles: 

  • Bicycle Accident 
  • Bus Accident 
  • Car Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents 
  • Truck Accident 

Other injuries: 

  • Brain Injury
  • Dog Bite 
  • Slip & Fall 
  • Premises liability (getting injured on your premises) 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Wrongful Death 
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Our law firm – Farmington’s slip and fall law firm, is well known for their – Slip and Fall Accident Attorney and lawyers. They are a certified and listed team of attorneys who have proven experience handling complex cases. And provide free/no-obligation consultation to solve any legal implication you have in your case. While they accordingly guide you regarding legal options available in your case. And study each possible outcome while pursuing a case against injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. 

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