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Bicycle Accident Lawyer In Farmington, NM

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If anyone gets injured due to collusion between motorised vehicles & bicycles in New Mexico, the results can be very serious or harmful to another person.

Usually, these collisions occur due to cycling or driving under the influence of intoxicating substances or drugs. But the most common reason that leads to major bicycle accidents is collisions with a distracted motorist driving a car motorcycle. And a truck driver operating his truck while using a phone, texting, calling, and simply unable to concentrate on the road and unaware of cyclists moving along.

So, if your loved one is injured and he is a victim of the Farmington bicycle accident, you will be entitled to a compensation claim against your injuries that occurred during the incident. This claim will include financial compensation for treatment and further rehabilitation. Which is claimed with the help of a certified bicycle accident lawyer.

Specified laws & regulations for cyclists in Farmington NM

Following rules are designed to prevent road accidents and spread awareness among citizens.

  • Cyclists should obey all traffic laws for their safety
  • Avoid unnecessary tricks while risking their life on the road
  • Wearing a helmet while cycling is strongly recommended to avoid serious head injuries
  • Motorists should maintain a minimum of 5 feet. the distance while sharing common roadway and the cyclist who is near the white line (dividing the highway and two-wheeler boundary)
  • If cyclists are approached by other vehicles within 5 feet, he is liable and held under “committing an act of negligence and a criminal act.”

Possible Bicycle Injuries in Farmington NM

As per our bike accident attorney experience, various situations expose a rider to life-threatening risks that may result in minor, major, permanent, or even fatal injuries –

  • Head injury or loss of blood
  • Damaged ligament, broken or fractured arms, legs, or shoulder
  • In rare cases – on the spot death
  • Less injurious injuries caused through bicycle accidents – 
  • Scrapes or cuts 
  • Road rashes
  • Bruised body
  • Dizziness or unconsciousness

However, the nature of injury also depends upon various factors such as – cycling speed, the location of the incident, whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet while cycling, etc.

Bicycle accidental lawyers in Farmington NM

Our law firm – Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA. has vast experience in handling serious road accidents, road rage, and cases that involve cyclists and motorists.

Samuel I. Kane – a certified and Farmington-based bicycle accident attorney who himself loves to take part in bicycling support. And has good experience in handling bicycle accident lawsuits over many years. He also serves the local cycling community to help make our law firmer. Moreover, with such a solid background – he is considered the first choice for victims of uncertain negligence or irresponsible behaviour of other drivers.

The personal law office for immediate assistance after facing the following injuries in Farmington NM

We have listed two sections below, focusing on casualties caused by vehicles or any uncertain reason covered by our law firm.

Accidents involving vehicles: 

  • Bicycle Accident
  • Bus Accident
  • Auto Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Truck Accident 

Other injuries:

  • Brain injury
  • Dog bite
  • Slip & Fall
  • Premises liability (getting injured on your premises)
  • Spine Injury
  • Wrongful death

Contact our bicycle accident attorney for a free consultation in Farmington NM

We have a certified bike accident lawyer at our law office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A, who has extensive experience in handling accidental claims. At the same time, help hundreds of clients each year to attain the good and due compensation claim they deserve legally. Plus, our attorneys also provide free/no-obligation consultation to their clients.

As we share a good relationship with medical providers, our attorneys help provide appropriate medical care by skilled medical professionals and doctors without charging any fee until your claims are not resolved. Moreover, we strongly believe in spreading awareness about – public policies, traffic laws, victims’ rights, and helping prevent unfortunate situations leading towards accidents or any serious injury.