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Airplane Accident Lawyers In Farmington, NM

Approach our airplane accident lawyers for accident litigation and rightful claim today.

Our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA, has experienced airplane accident lawyers who are certified & licensed commercial pilots in Farmington and New Mexico. And they understand that – travel is not in passengers’ hands from the moment they board the flight until they land at their destination. This is why aviation companies are directed to ensure passengers’ safety and get their plane serviced before any flight, looking for any loop-hole and keeping their plane in good working condition.

As per the airplane and its commercial aviation size, the command of the plane is handed over to the captain, officers, and air traffic controllers. Ground crew ensures that all flights make smooth take-off, fly, and land on time. However still, airplane accidents occur in a very rare scenario, but the possibility of such incidents is average compared to a car crash

But when huge accidents involving airplane crashes happen, it injures passengers on board and hurts people nearby. In addition, the incident severely damaged vehicles, and people lost their lives. So, if your family member or loved one is a victim of an airplane crash, you will be entitled to a compensatory claim for your injuries or loss.

Types of Aviation’s available in Farmington NM 

Today, aviation travel is available in various forms: commercial. 

  • Airlines, 
  • charter flights, 
  • private planes, or 
  • helicopters, 

That is mostly used for personal trips, tours, business transportation, and flight training.

Commercial Airlines 

In any commercial airline, where hundreds of passengers and their safety are involved, pilots are directed to follow safety standards and keep planes safe during their journey. But if anyone breaches the set standard of protocol, it causes issues in communication, and equipment faces malfunctions. 

And causes misadjustment with another plane, resulting in hard-landing. And it injures passengers during the in-air maneuver and even results in severe crashes, which requires immediate action by the flight crew to perform emergency protocol and treat people on board.

Private Aircraft

Private jets, including propeller planes, private jets, helicopters, and charter flights, are far from oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration. And as a result, more frequent crashes occur due to inadequate maintenance, pilot error, and aging equipment requiring timely audits.

Common causes that lead to airplane accidents in Farmington NM 

Whether a commercial or private plane, various reasons lead to a massive airplane crash every year. Below we have shared the commonest reasons for aviation accidents –

  • Pilot error 
  • Human errors (air traffic controllers and dispatchers) 
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Mechanical failures 
  • Weather
  • Un-appropriate landing and take-off technique

When flights cause mid-air risks or lead to hard landings or even crashes, passengers are directed to seek medical care immediately. And make sure their injuries are diagnosed well, and sufficient primary treatment is available onboard. Next, survivors or family members of the deceased must contact an experienced aviation accident attorney in Farmington, who will protect your rights while filing a claim. 

Our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA, has an experienced Farmington personal injury attorney – a certified commercial pilot. His knowledge makes our law firm and aviation experience help collect necessary evidence. While he works hard to build your case strong and peruse towards the best outcome possible for your unique requirements. 

Contact our “The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA. As we have an experienced and skilled airplane accident attorney – Dona Ana County, who can brief you regarding your legal rights along with legal options to hold the liable party responsible for your financial recovery and claim.

Evidence preserved by attorneys after an airplane accident in Farmington NM

Most of the aviation cases are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. They help protect the evidence until the major cause is not determined – including manufacturing oversights, error misjudgment, or maintenance mistakes.

Moreover, our airplane accident attorneys in Farmington take note of the ongoing investigation and analyze the case accordingly while enlisting experts and obtaining the final report. Which helps evaluate the cause behind the crash, focus on factors responsible for injuries and determine any fatality that occurred during the incident.

As each flight incident is unique, some factors associated to accident may very-

  • Error or misjudgment by the aircraft pilot
  • Airplane part failure or other mechanical error
  • Air traffic controller error 
  • Airline crew fails to adhere to Federal Aviation Administration regulation 
  • Defects in the airport runway 
  • Poor maintenance of the aircraft
  • Structural design defects 

Our airplane accident attorneys will collect the required evidence to complete their research about the incident. While closely observing cases and investigating his side to understand the case better. Plus, he will negotiate the maximum compensation claim value from the liable party’s attorney to pursue a fair claim for our client.

Avoid Insurance companies without an Attorney in Farmington NM

Accidents, including airplane crashes, are different from car crashes. Which mostly stay unnoticed by people due to lack of information. Therefore, these days, airplane crash accidents are highly publicized to the public to inform people. But insurance companies and their legal insurers come into action and try their best to minimize victims’ damage claims.

Whereas airplane crashes are traumatic for survivors and families of the deceased. So, they deserve a good amount of time to heal before making any major decision about their claim. 

Moreover, each passenger and their family deserve enough time to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. But insurers and their attorneys begin their action by contacting victims and knowing their side of the story. This ultimately leads to quick settlements and covers far less than the total compensation cost. 

However, if you join hands with an experienced and certified Farmington airplane accident attorney who has sufficient aviation experience, you are in the right hands. They will preserve your rights or any due compensation until you are ready to take action. They will also route all communications with insurance companies and their attorneys. So that you don’t get played or you mistakenly risk your case by speaking with agents directly. 

Losing a loved one in an airplane accident in Farmington NM

Most airplane accidents result in the traumatic or tragic end, leaving behind traumatized survivors and sorrow for the deceased family. 

Although it depends on the type of aviation crash and the liable person behind it, the victim will be eligible to file a wrongful death claim against the convict. And have all rights to a financial compensation claim for current and future requirements to survive tragedy and stand again.

Contact our airplane accident attorney for a free consultation in Farmington NM

If you are amongst the survivors or have lost your love in an aviation accident in New Mexico, it’s recommended to contact our experienced Farmington aviation injury lawyers. 

You can call for free/no-obligation consultation along with further assistance at our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. 

Our highly qualified attorneys will protect rights during the investigation, analyze your case, and help pursue the maximum value of compensation claim.