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Slip and fall accidents are common and can occur anywhere, anytime – whether you are walking down staircases of a railway station or lost your balance on the wet floor of store premises. Hence, the injuries caused by such accidents are often unexpected, sometimes debilitating, and permanent. Unfortunately, many slip and fall accidents result in death.

If you or a family member is injured due to a slip and fall, you may be eligible to get compensation. But filing a case is not an easy task. You need slip and fall accident attorneys to obtain compensation. Our EI Paso slip and fall accident lawyers aggressively protect your rights and fight fiercely to win you the justice that you deserve.

Proving A Slip-and-Fall Injury In EI Paso, NM

Slip and fall injuries are challenging to prove for the victim party as there is hardly any evidence showing negligence of the party or entity owning or controlling the premises. Hence, the injured party might not claim compensation if they have been negligent themselves. Besides, their injuries must not have been pre-existing, or any claim for a slip and fall accident may fail.

Our Law Office closely examines each slip and fall case, particularly at the degree of person’s carelessness or entity potentially responsible for the accident and our client. 

What are the Common Duties Of Property Owners?

When you step into a commercial, public, or local building, you expect it to be a safe place. But unfortunately, building owners and business managers fail to fulfill their duty of care to keep the premises safe and free from hidden hazards. If a hazard exists on the property that the owner knew or should have known about, then the owner of the property may be held liable for the visitor’s injuries.

According to Texas law, property owners who invite people onto their space have a legal duty to look for dangerous conditions. In addition, they must fix hazardous conditions or warn customers when they cannot be fixed in time.

How Our EI Paso Slip And Fall Attorneys Can Help? 

It is the legal duty of property owners and store managers to inspect their premises for slip-and-fall hazards. If they fail to do so or may attempt to argue that they did not have an opportunity to fix a dangerous condition before an injury occurred, the victim may be entitled to compensation. 

You can get in touch with our EI Paso slip and fall accident lawyer. We thoroughly investigate your slip-and-fall claim and use all available evidence to determine the extent of a hazardous condition. This helps us obtain maximum compensation covering all the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs associated with your slip-and-fall accident.

Contact our law firm today and we will pursue to evaluate your case at no charge and with no obligation to you. 

What To Do When One Get Injured In a Slip and Fall Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall, an injured person needs to seek medical attention immediately. After that, you should consult with a licensed slip and fall attorney can ensure that all legal steps are taken on your behalf to preserve your claim.

Besides, we will determine the degree of negligence, the incident location, the person at fault, and other legal steps to preserve your claim for EI Paso Slip and fall.

Know Your Rights for Slip and Fall in different places:

1. Local Grocery Store        

A neighborhood supermarket has an obligation of care to its clients to guarantee a safe and danger-free climate for clients whose consideration may not be on the walkway but the store racks as they search for their necessities.

2. Workplace

Anyone who endures injury at work due to the employer’s negligence has the restrictive cure of seeking after a WoWorkman’sompensation Claim. However, this rule has specific exemptions that an authorized EI Paso slip and fall attorney can assess based on the actual circumstances of a slip and fall accident.

3. Restaurant 

Occupied places like restaurants can be overflowing with opportunities for slipping wounds. For example, clients might spill beverages or drop food, which can cause a peril that different clients may not see. 

In any event, when clients report these spills to the board, staff individuals might disregard these wrecks for different assignments, notwithstanding the danger they posture to clueless clients. In any case, restaurant management and staff have a legal duty to keep the premises protected and free from hazards.

4. Apartment Staircase

The proprietor of an apartment has a lawful responsibility to keep safe and risk-free premises, including the poolside, staircase, or anyplace in the complex. If the obligation of care is penetrated, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and physical injuries.

5. Public and private sidewalks

Regardless of whether the walkway is open or exclusive, the obligation of the proprietor to keep a safe and peril-free walkway remains.

6. Airport 

When a slip and fall mishap occurs in an air terminal, it is essential to decide the specific area of the mishap to set up legitimate liability regarding the injury.

If you are injured in one of the government facilities, the city, county, or state must be notified as soon as possible. They have a certain window of time to act on any aspects of the incident. The notice must be sent to the government entity. However, if the filing occurs past that time frame, it may affect a claim in the future against local authorities.

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