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El Paso

Car Accident Attorney In EI Paso, TX

Our car accident attorneys help victims in obtaining the maximum value of compensation.

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane in El Paso has a specialization in car accident cases. And our attorneys are trained to work for victims and help obtain compensation claims for personal injury. But If the consequence of a car accident in property damage, then it’s not personal injury. Meaning – our attorney will only handle a case if someone is injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another person.

The advantage of an El Paso car accident attorney is – he will work his level best to get the maximum value of compensation for the injured client. Which will involve the wholesome amount of medical expenditure, punitive damage charges & the charges for the vehicle’s damage. 

What to do if anyone meets a car accident in El Paso?

The first thing, no doubt, is to get treatment for the injuries. After getting proper medication, take some rest. The problem with car accidents is that there are fewer chances of getting visible injuries. People tend to ignore muscular injuries that can have adverse effects. Sometimes they ignore mild pain in the beginning & realize it very late, which is negative for their health & file claims too. There’s always a limited time frame of filing such a claim in the attorney.

Thus, getting a proper diagnosis of your injuries immediately after the accident is the key. It will help you to understand the extent of negligence done by the convict. After noticing such signs, you can contact the El Paso car accident attorney to file a tort notice and claim. 

Process of claiming compensation for car accident in El Paso

El Paso car accident attorneys can easily complete the entire procedure of claiming compensation. But in order to file a claim against a convicted party, it requires a strong evidence base. So, it becomes essential to provide evidence within a limited time frame after the accident occurred. 

Our lawyers will collect evidence, research on-site where the accident took place & make an entire claim on the basis of the damage caused. The lawyers will also figure out the extent of the negligence done by the convicted party and how hazardous it could have been.

The compensatory value will be calculated by keeping all these parameters in mind. And the total amount of compensation claim will include – the cost of medical expenses, the cost for pain & suffering of the injured, damage done to the vehicle. However, the compensatory amount should be sufficient to help victims revive their pre-existing position & heal from injury. The main goal of our law firm is – to settle clients’ cases and help obtain the maximum value of claim along with compensation for punitive damages – pain & suffering. 

Importance Of Consulting a Car Accident Attorney In El Paso

Usually, the scenario after major car accidents involves insurers of both parties. As insurance companies have trained agents, they easily negotiate & decrease the compensatory amount.

Although, it is illegal for insurance companies to increase the premium on the claim of an injured person/victim in the states of the U.S including New Mexico. But our car accident attorney will not let the clients fall prey to such an offer. 

Our law office has a huge team of experts, including a retired insurance adjuster. He has good working relations in the industry, which ultimately increases the chances of getting maximum compensation. Moreover, our legal team will advise clients to act more wisely & not be fooled by low-value compensations. 

The agenda of our office in El Paso is to help our clients in obtaining a whole amount as compensation to balance all their losses & revive back much stronger.

What should be done in case of an uninsured vehicle?

In case the convicted party lacks proper insurance for the car, you can still file a claim based on your insurance. El Paso car accident attorney lawyers will help collect details of the insurance of both the cars involved in the accident. And calculate the compensatory charges accordingly. 

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  • Wrongful Death
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  • Spinal Injury

Hire Our Experienced El Paso Car Accident Attorney

The El Paso’s Law Office of Samuel I. Kane has tremendous experience handling car accident cases. And our car accident attorneys help victims in obtaining the maximum value of compensation to revive clients in a much stronger position. 

Our personal injury attorney comprises award-winning experts from private investigators to experienced retired insurance providers. We handle clients on a contingency fee basis, so pay us only if you receive the deserving compensatory amount, which is our main focus.