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Airplane accident attorney In El Paso, TX

At our Law Office, the airplane accident attorneys are certified to fight for your rights.

Have you or your family members suffered an aviation injury? If yes, you can claim compensation for your health injury or mental suffering. An experienced airplane accident attorney in El Paso will help you claim maximum financial recovery.

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA, the airplane accident attorneys are certified & licensed commercial pilots who understand that nothing is under the control of individuals during air travel. Hence, it is the responsibility of aviation companies to get their planes serviced before the flights take off to ensure maximum safety for the passengers.

Our experts work with federal investigators, aviation experts, and other authorities to discover the cause of the accident. We strongly advocate for fair and maximum compensation from all the involved entities on behalf of our clients.

What are the different aviation options in El Paso?

There are several aviation options that include:

  • Commercial airlines
  • Private planes
  • Charter flights
  • Helicopters

Commercial Airlines

Commercial airline pilots are directed to adhere to strict safety standards to keep the passengers and plane safe during air travel.

However, if the established regulations are breached, it leads to equipment malfunctioning, in-air dangers, hard-landing, or even crashes. These mishappenings can cause serious injuries. 

Private Aircraft

It includes private jets, propeller plans, charter flights, and helicopters. Private aircraft have significantly less oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration, and hence there are more frequent accidents due to poor maintenance, aging equipment, or pilot error. 

Most common reasons for Airplane Accidents – El Paso

Several reasons can cause aviation accidents that can lead to severe injury or loss of a loved one.

Here are the most common reasons:

  • Pilot error
  • Human error (Air traffic controllers, dispatchers, and maintenance engineers)
  • Mechanical failures
  • Weather

If these errors result in in-air hazards, hard landings, and crashes, passengers must seek proper medical care without any delay. It will help them ensure their injuries are completely diagnosed so that adequate treatment is in place.

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA, has an experienced El Paso airplane accident attorney, a commercial pilot. The attorney provides our law firm with the comprehensive knowledge and experience to accumulate crucial evidence to build a firm case on our client’s behalf.

Who can be accountable for airplane accidents?

Various entities/people can be responsible for airplane accidents. The most important ones are mentioned below:

  • Airline companies
  • Pilots
  • Flight attendants
  • Government (for the failure of air traffic controllers)
  • Manufacturers (for defects in the airplane’s construction)

How do our aviation accident attorneys in El Paso help preserve evidence after an airplane accident?

Generally, The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, is responsible for investigating aviation accidents in the US and protecting the evidence until the cause of the accident is determined. The common causes can be – errors in judgment, manufacturing oversights, or maintenance mistakes.

Our airplane accident attorney in El Paso will thoroughly follow the NTSB investigation and help our professionals gather the final reports for finding out the accident’s reason and overall factors that resulted in injuries or fatalities.

Here are a few factors that may result in aviation accidents:

  • Airline crews not following the Federal Aviation Administration regulations
  • Part malfunctions and other mechanical errors
  • Misunderstanding by the aircraft pilot
  • Air traffic controller fault
  • Inadequate maintenance of the aircraft
  • Structural/design defects
  • Airport runway defects

Our EI Paso aviation injury lawyer will thoroughly research to gather the information about the accident and then move forward with an independent investigation to uncover the cause of the accident. The next step will be negotiating with the liable party’s lawyers and insurance company to help our clients get a rightful claim for their suffering.

Avoid seeking an insurance company’s assistance without an airplane accident attorney in El Paso

Aviation accidents are way different from road accidents, such as truck or car crashes. When aviation crashes occur, all the details are publicized to inform the general public about the incident. At the same time, the affected aviation company’s legal representatives and insurance partners also start working diligently to reduce overall damages. First and foremost, they reach out to the passengers to obtain crucial information, which usually leads to fast but negligible settlement offers. These offers are far from recovering the total costs associated with the accident.

Airplane accidents are traumatic, and hence each passenger requires an adequate amount of time to heal completely. They should proceed with financial recovery only after fully recovering – mentally and physically.

Our experienced aviation accident attorney in El Paso will help you claim fair compensation while protecting your rights. Moreover, the entire communication of our clients with aviation company’s insurance companies and attorneys will be routed through our professionals to ensure that your case remains firm with our expertise. 

Have you lost a loved one in an airplane accident?

Aviation accidents often end up with tragic results, leaving behind the loved ones suffering in grief or even financial loss if the person who lost his life was the only breadwinner in the family.   

Based on the type of aviation crash and accountable company/person, you may also be eligible for filing compensation for wrongful death against the liable entity. It can help you pursue financial recovery for your family’s needs to survive the difficult times.

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If you suffered an airplane injury or lost a loved one, it’s strongly suggested to consult our professional aviation injury lawyer in El Paso. You can call us and book your free/no-obligation consultation at our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A.

When you work with us, we will keep you informed and in control of the entire process. However, all the hassle and legal battle will be on us to fight for your rights. Our aim is to maximize airplane accident compensation and help you rebuild your life for the best possible future.