Concerns Over New Mexico’s Dangerous Garbage Trucks

- Samuel Kane

In Santa Fe, garbage truck drivers are required to inspect their truck twice a day for common issues such as oil leaks, worn tires and malfunctioning brakes. This requirement, however, provides little assurance for New Mexico residents driving alongside vehicles that make up the garbage truck fleet.

Recently, an inspection of the Santa Fe refuse department revealed that they have not been responding to the pervasive issues with their fleet of garbage trucks. In fact, many drivers have refused to drive their assigned trucks out of fear for their own safety. Some of these drivers have suffered backlash from the refuse department, leaving the dangerous trucks out on the streets.

Proper Truck Maintenance

While it is important to regularly maintain any vehicle, this is especially the case for large trucks. Since trucks have the potential to cause much damage on the roads, it is imperative that owners and operators are vigilant about routine maintenance. Hopefully, this attentiveness will reduce the number of accidents that occur on the roads.

Some common issues that lead to truck accidents:

  • Faulty breaks
  • Operator Error
  • Negligent Inspections
  • Balding Tires

Any of these issues can cause great harm to both the truck driver and other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Some parties that are without fault may find themselves severely injured because of the size discrepancy between trucks and the average car. Among other claims, truck accidents can lead to:

  • Wrongful deaths
  • Negligence claims
  • Personal injury
  • Insurance Claims

Potential Parties

There may be many different potential parties to a claim involving a truck accident. Like the example of the Santa Fe garbage trucks, an employer may become a party if they negligently overlook routine maintenance issues. Additionally, an operator of a truck might find himself or herself liable if they did not use reasonable care. Finally, another driver on the road or a pedestrian may have had a role to pay in the crash.

Because of the complexity of the potential parties, types of claims and injuries, it is important to contact an attorney experienced in claims involving truck accidents. The Law Offices of Samuel I. Kane in Las Cruces, New Mexico has that experience and is willing to provide a free consultation to victims of truck accidents. It is necessary to begin the legal process as soon as possible to ensure that you get the representation that you deserve. Please call (575) 526-5263 today!