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Slip and Fall Attorneys In Clovis, NM

Hire one of our slip and fall lawyers and get all assistance needed to receive satisfactory financial compensation.

Accidents involving slip and fall can take place anywhere in Clovis, NM. Some common cases happen in-store premises, railways, staircases, sidewalks, etc. Most of the time, old equipment and bad maintenance lead to such accidents and injuries. Sometimes, excess waste in departmental stores, torn carpets, low supervision of premises in railways or passageways, heavy rain, ice, snow, etc., cause slip and fall injuries. 

Make sure to consult a Clovis slip and fall attorney if you or any family member is injured in such an accident. 

Proving Slip and Fall Injuries in Clovis, NM

An injured victim faces many challenges in a slip and fall case as it is difficult to establish the wrongdoing of the responsible party or the entity supervising the concerned premises. Every person injured in such a way is not eligible to claim compensation. If you want to file a successful claim, you should not be reckless or negligent in the accident, and should not contribute to the accident. Any of your injuries must not be existent before the fall else, your claim will be rejected.

At Samuel I, Kane’s law office, the attorneys for slip and fall accidents evaluate every single aspect related to the accident and try to establish the amount of negligence by the responsible party in a victim’s accident. 

Clovis Property Owners are Responsible to Keep their Property Safe

Anytime a person visits a public office or business, it must be safe for everyone involved. Business owners and building managers are legally bound to ensure safe premises if they invite public members or guests to their property. There shouldn’t be any hidden dangers like water puddles, loose stairs, etc., that even a cautious person would not notice. 

Every owner of a property needs to regularly check his premises for any dangerous or faulty condition that can occur after a given period of time. If there is any potential danger on a property that the property owner should know and it injures a visitor or customer through slip and fall, then that property owner can be legally held responsible for the injuries that happen.

In most situations, a hazardous condition can occur on the spot, and a person can get injured before the premises manager or owner knows about it and gets it repaired. Imagine a child moves away from his parents in a departmental store and spills a bottle of orange juice, and another person slips from the puddle and gets injured. In this case, the victim cannot hold the property owner liable for the injury. 

How can the Slip and Fall Attorneys at Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office help Victims?

Most store owners and managers try to prove that they didn’t have a chance to fix any hazardous spot at their store before the injury took place, even if they had ample time to do their duty and get the condition repaired after inspecting their property regularly. 

At Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office, the slip and fall accident lawyers properly investigate a client’s claim and prepare the compensation claim file. We collect all related evidence, eyewitnesses, camera footage, inspection records, etc., to prove that the dangerous condition existed in the property for a long time and the owners could have fixed it before the injury took place. 

You can call us to get a no-obligation consultation of your slip and fall case.

What to do if you get injured in a Slip and Fall case in Clovis?

Just like any case where a person picks up an injury, the first thing is to get proper medical treatment as soon as possible. After this, you need to look for an experienced attorney for slip and fall accidents that can ensure you get proper compensation and your claim is filed in time. 

If the accident takes place at a property owned by the government, then it is mandatory to file a tort notice claim inside a specific time period if you want to pursue an injury compensation claim. 

Our licensed Clovis slip and fall lawyers work had to prove the amount of negligence, location of the accident, responsible party, and take all legal steps so that you get the compensation you can get. 

Rights of a Person Injured in a Local Grocery Store in Clovis

Every grocery store must take steps to protect any customer or guest entering their premises. The environment must have no hazards and be safe for shoppers. This is important because shoppers have eyes on the shelves and don’t pay attention to the floor. 

Slip and Fall Accident Liability at a Workplace

Anyone who gets injured at his workplace has the exclusive option of filing a claim for Workmen’s Compensation. There are many exceptions related to this, and a licensed attorney can evaluate everything based on the situation of the slip and fall incident. 

Slip and Fall Accidents in Restaurants in Clovis

All restaurants that get a lot of customers are prone to oversee slip and fall incidents. Guests can spill food or drinks on the floor, which can lead other people to slip and fall. Sometimes, customers tell the restaurant management about these spills, but they prefer doing other tasks instead of this and putting other guests at risk. All restaurant owners and management are legally bound to make sure everyone is safe even if they are busy.

Slip and Fall in Apartment Staircases in Clovis

An apartment owner is legally responsible for keeping a safe and danger-free environment at his premises, including swimming pools, stairs, or anywhere else at the property. If proper care is not taken, then victims can get financial settlements for any physical injuries, mental trauma, suffering, or pain.

Slip and Fall Liability at Public or Private Sidewalks

The owner has a duty to keep the sidewalk safe from any dangers, whether it is a private or public sidewalk.

Slip and Fall Liability at Airports in Clovis

If someone slips and injures himself at an airport, then the exact location of the incident must be established if the victim wants to hold someone legally responsible for the injury. 

Extra care and attention need to be given if the accident took place on property owned by the state, country, or city government. Victims have to file a timely claim for notice of tort in these cases.

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