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Premises Liability Lawyer In Clovis, NM

Get in touch with our well-trained premises liability attorneys to aggressively handle your injury claims.

What is New Mexico premise Liability?

A landowner or a property’s occupier has responsibility for any accident or injury that takes place on his property, and this is called premises liability in legal terms. A victim can file a claim for premises liability if he gets injured on someone’s property due to a piece of equipment being used at that property, from a slip and fall, etc. 

This liability also comes into place if anyone other than the homeowner does reckless actions on the property and the owner does not offer proper security at that time. In any of these situations, working with our Clovis premises liability lawyers is the best choice. 

Some common claims for premises liability arising from:

  •       A broken sidewalk
  •       Improper or wrong signage
  •       Falling objects
  •       Injuries that occur because of the homeowner’s recklessness 

When should you file a Clovis Premises Liability Claim?

A victim should quickly take action for two causes when he files a Claim for premises liability:

  1.    Protecting vital evidence and witnesses related to the incident is vital. A victim can do this by notifying the property owner of a lawsuit against him and asking for evidence related to the liability incident. 
  2.    You need to take care of statutes that limit the time in which you can file your compensation claim after the accident takes place.

Make sure to contact a Clovis premises liability attorney if you think you picked up an injury because of negligence by the owner of the property. 

Lawyers at Samuel I. Kane’s law office offer a no-obligation, free consultation to discuss your case and other legal procedures. 

How do we help someone with a Premises Liability Claim?

Our best premises liability lawyers have handled lots of premises liability cases, including one recently where a client helped in a remodeling project at his father-in-law’s office. The homeowner put blades of the wrong size into the saw, and this led to the client picking up serious injuries on his hand.

Our attorneys succeeded in getting a claim from the homeowner’s insurance firm. It covered all significant medical bills and also damages for putting the client through suffering and pain, in addition to lost wages at work because of injuries. 

Our Clovis Law Office for Immediate Assistance with any of the following cases:

  •       Brain Injury
  •       Car Accident
  •       Bus Accident
  •       Dog Bite
  •       Pedestrian Accident
  •       Premises Liability
  •       Spine Injury
  •       Wrongful Death
  •       Truck Accident
  •       Slip and Fall

Why Choose our Clovis Premises Liability Lawyer?

All our premises liability lawyers take enough time to evaluate the incident properly so that you get the compensation you deserve in your premises liability claim. Our expert team tries to maximize your claim as much as possible.

Premises Liability Lawyer in Clovis, NM

We do not handle each and every case that comes our way and handle only a select client so that we can give all our time and effort to their case. If you got injured at another person’s property, then working with our premises liability attorneys is the right choice. We have ample experience and knowledge handling such cases and aggressively handling claims for injured clients.