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Personal Injury Lawyer In Clovis, NM

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Personal injury to a victim’s mind, body, or mental state is different from property damages. If a victim wants to file a personal injury claim, the injury needs to happen due to recklessness or negligence from another entity, person, company, or agency. Working with a Clovis personal injury lawyer is the best way to file a claim for your injuries. 

Personal Injury Damages in Clovis, NM

Any personal injury may include compensatory as well as punitive damages. Compensatory damages are meant to ensure that the injured victim can return to his best physical, emotional, mental, and financial condition, which he was in before the injury. Punitive damages aim at ensuring that the responsible party does not make the same mistake and behave recklessly in the future. 

Different Personal Injury Types in Clovis, NM

Many different types of accidents can lead to personal injuries caused by a party’s negligence or fault. These may include:

  •       Brain Injury
  •       Car Accident
  •       Bus Accident
  •       Dog Bite
  •       Pedestrian Accident
  •       Premises Liability
  •       Spine Injury
  •       Wrongful Death
  •       Truck Accident
  •       Slip and Fall

Our law firm has rich experience in handling dog bites, pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, and injuries from other situations. 

Our Experience in Personal Injury Claims in Clovis, NM

At Samuel I. Kane’s law office, our lawyers have over 10 years of training and experience handling personal injury cases. We have handled cases that include car accidents, bike crashes, bus accidents, and much more. Our attorneys help clients in receiving a proper settlement and take their cases to the court if insurance firms don’t offer fair compensation to the clients. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making sure that all clients get the money they are entitled to in damages. 

Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney in Clovis, NM

Most insurance firms offer coverage for accidents that lead to injury compensation claims. Victims usually try presenting their compensation claims to an insurance firm and handle negotiations positively, hoping to get a fair compensation amount. 

However, many insurance adjusters try to minimize a victim’s compensation amount as much as possible and offer money that is lower than what a victim deserves legally. Our Clovis personal injury attorneys will evaluate your situation, check the extent and severity of your injuries, and help receive maximum injury settlement.

Why Choose Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office in Clovis, NM?

There are 3 main qualities of our law office: accessibility, hard-working nature, and great connections. All our lawyers work hard to claim settlement money higher than what an insurance firm offers initially. We receive payment only when the compensation claim goes through. If we cannot get more compensation than the insurance firm’s first offer, then we will not charge any money from our clients. 

We believe that every client should leave our office in a better position than before. Clients can call us any time during the day, and we even visit hospitals and victims’ homes throughout the week, even on Sundays. 

Our firm also has a professional insurance adjuster and a well-trained investigator. We even have links with the best medical facilities in the area that perform various activities based on a protection letter sent by us.

Our Personal Injury Claims Track Record in Clovis, NM

Most of our connections and links with other providers help us offer the best medical treatment to injured clients if they don’t have funds to get treated or medical insurance. Our personal injury attorneys try to reach the root cause behind any injury or accident and give the best medical care possible to clients. Every injured client is properly evaluated to diagnose injuries so that they can be given all the necessary medication and treatment.

Representation for Personal Injury Clients in Clovis

Our law office has helped thousands of clients before, and a standout case was an accident between a commercial truck and a bicycle rider in Miami. We succeeded in getting all the financial compensation for medical bills, damages, and other sufferings for the client.

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All our personal injury lawyers have the utmost respect and care for each client, and we try hard to get the maximum financial settlement for our clients. We handle only a few cases so that proper attention can be given to every angle and maximum funds can be pursued. Mr. Kane himself checks every case and works with each client. 

You can contact us for a consultation. Always remember that our Clovis personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee and receive payment only when your compensation claim is successful.