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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys In Clovis, NM

Working with our pedestrian accident attorneys will help cover your medical bills and obtain a fair fiscal settlement.

Pedestrians are at a high risk of getting injured while walking on a sidewalk or while crossing a road. They do not get any warning about potential dangers and do not have the capacity to dodge a speeding or reckless car. Pedestrians cannot overtake a car and don’t have any protection to save them from picking up injuries in case of an accident. If a person gets hit by a vehicle, then it causes a lot of damage that may take months or even years to heal fully. Some victims suffer from permanent limitations even after their rehab period is over. Most pedestrian accident victims get very high rehab expenses and medical bills. 

They cannot work after getting injured, and it becomes hard to pay off these expenses. Working with our Clovis pedestrian accident attorneys will help cover your medical bills and help you get an adequate financial settlement. 

Why Pedestrian Accidents happen in Clovis, NM

Most pedestrian accidents result because of a motor vehicle being driven by a negligent or reckless driver. Drivers do not pay attention while driving on a road, which may result in severe injuries for innocent pedestrians. In recent years, the rate of deadly injuries to bystanders or pedestrians has increased a lot. Many experts believe that the use of mobile phones while driving has led to this.

Drivers who are intoxicated or distracted do not scan the road in front of them properly for anyone walking or crossing the road. Sometimes they take a turn without looking for pedestrians in front of them. In some situations, drivers do practice ordinary care, but they fail to notice people in a busy street or where the roads are not properly highlighted for car drivers. 

Claim Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents in Clovis, NM

Anyone injured in a pedestrian accident can file a claim for financial compensation from the party responsible for the accident. Through this compensation, a victim can heal properly, reach the same position they were in before the injury, and get their life back on track. Financial compensation includes:

  •       Medical bills
  •       Emergency room or hospital transportation
  •       Rehab and physical therapy costs
  •       Lost work wages
  •       Medical equipment and other procedures
  •       Mental trauma and physical suffering

It is the duty of the driver to avoid hitting people walking on the road. Based on every accident, a victim can also file a claim for punitive damages if he can prove that the accident took place because of reckless or negligence of the driver. This can include the driver using his cell phone, sending text messages, playing music or radio, drinking or smoking while driving, or watching movies. 

Our experienced Clovis pedestrian accident lawyers evaluate every situation related to the accident, collect evidence from bystanders and eye-witnesses, and even partner with accident reconstruction professionals to establish the cause and circumstances of the accident. All this will help your financial settlement claim against the responsible party. 

You should get in touch with the lawyers at Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office as soon as the accident takes place to start your medical treatment and the process of filing an injury compensation claim. 

Responsibility for Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accidents in Clovis, NM

If a person is subject to a hit and run case, he can file a compensation claim against his personal auto insurance policy. Some vehicle owners even have Uninsured Motorist Coverage that lets them get compensation for any accident caused by a car that did not stop, even if they were in a different car when the accident injured them. 

The Uninsured Motorist Coverage even allows a pedestrian accident victim to get compensation if the vehicle that injured them is under-insured or not insured at all. 

Pedestrian Rights and Traffic Laws Attorneys in Clovis, NM

Most pedestrians usually get a higher care standard than other victims. Whatever the circumstances may be, a pedestrian can have their way when they are injured in an accident. Our Clovis pedestrian accident law firm analyses and evaluates every single detail to curate the potential amount of compensation the victim is entitled to. 

If the driver’s negligence is clear, then the victim can also claim punitive damages apart from the compensation amount. 

Our Clovis Personal Injury Law Office for Quick Assistance in the following cases:

  •       Brain Injury
  •       Car Accident
  •       Bus Accident
  •       Dog Bite
  •       Pedestrian Accident
  •       Premises Liability
  •       Spine Injury
  •       Wrongful Death
  •       Truck Accident
  •       Slip and Fall
How can Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office Help in Clovis, NM?

Any pedestrian who gets injured in a car accident is entitled to get a financial settlement from insurance firms or from the party or driver responsible for injuring them. 

Based on each situation, our pedestrian accident attorneys Clovis help the victim file a compensation claim from their own insurance policy if the responsible party is uninsured or if they do not cooperate and share their insurance policy information. Even if a victim doesn’t have health insurance, our lawyers consult agencies that help victims get compensation from the state insurance or those who can help pay their medical costs and bills. 

Recovering money from insurers is difficult even if you go to your insurance policy provider. The adjusters try to minimize your financial settlement and pay you as low as possible for your injury claims. Working with our law firm makes sure insurers don’t bully you, and you get what you deserve for getting injured.


Contact Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Clovis, NM for Free Consultation 

Whatever the situation may be, our accident lawyers will represent your case and help take legal action against the responsible parties or the negligent driver who caused the accident. You can call to get in touch and get all the help needed to receive your legal settlement amount.


Pedestrian Accident FAQs

How did a Pedestrian Accident occur even when I was using the crosswalk properly?

Even if a pedestrian is following all rules and crossing the road at a green light, from the right area, accidents can occur because of negligence by a driver and cause fatal injuries. When a driver is not paying attention, speeding, breaking a red light, is distracted, then he may injure pedestrians. These are the main reasons behind pedestrian accidents and why it is necessary to sue the responsible party.

What duty do I have as a Pedestrian to avoid a traffic accident?

Pedestrians should obey traffic signals, laws, and signs at all times while walking on a road. It is their responsibility to check traffic conditions and make sure they do not cross roads if there is heavy traffic or a chance of accidents. 

How is a Pedestrian Accident Attorney different from a Personal Injury Attorney?

Pedestrian accidents do fall under personal injury cases, but a lawyer must have specific knowledge about pedestrian accident cases and know the specific procedures. Most accidents lead to severe or fatal injuries that need an experienced lawyer who is able to handle this case and make sure the victim gets enough financial compensation for his damages and injuries.

If Pedestrian Accident Injuries are severe, is the financial outcome more?

Any person who gets hurt in a pedestrian accident needs a lot of medical care to heal their injuries and return back to a normal life. Some injuries disrupt their life permanently, and they are never the same. The financial settlement goes up based on the amount of medical bills and rehab procedures. Our attorneys help victims get maximum compensation for their suffering and injuries.

Can a pedestrian accident case go to court?

Most injury claims get settled with negotiations without taking things to court. However, negotiations break down in some pedestrian accident cases. If this happens, our lawyers will take your permission, and take the case to court for getting a jury’s verdict.