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Dog Bite Attorneys In Clovis, NM

Consult with our dog bite attorney to file an injury claim against the home or dog owner today.

If anyone gets injured through a dog bite in Clovis, the victim can consult a dog bite attorney to file an injury claim against the home or dog owner. While filing a personal injury claim in case of a dog bite, you need to prove the dog owner’s negligence, and it is possible he is covered by an insurance policy. 

Personal Injury from a Dog Attack in Clovis, NM

A dog bite can cause severe or minor injuries along with other emotional injuries like:

  • Trauma
  • Nightmares
  • Panic attacks

In some cases, a dog bite victim suffers minimal physical injuries but experiences emotional trauma at night or panic attacks during the daytime or when they see a dog again. Sometimes physical injuries are low, but a victim needs to be properly compensated for emotional and mental injuries as well.

Compensation for Permanent Injury in Clovis, NM

It is not easy to measure emotional and physical injuries suffered by a person from dog bites. Our Clovis dog bite lawyers evaluate the injury’s extent and damage. Based on the situation, a person can get permanent damage for which financial compensation may be needed. The full amount of settlement should include payment for physical, non-tangible, and emotional damage. 

Establishing Responsibility in Dog Bite Cases in Clovis, NM

In many states, including New Mexico, homeowners have strict liability standards, and it is their duty to ensure no guest entering their property is injured. If a dog bites a guest at a non-gated home or property, then it is the homeowner’s responsibility for injuring the guest. 

If you, your friends, or a family member is injured through a dog bite, you need to check if the homeowner tried to warn trespassers, guests, bystanders, etc., regarding the risk of dog bites or attacks. If the homeowner failed to exercise this standard of care, you are legally entitled to receive financial compensation. 

Dog Attack Attorneys Representing victims in Clovis, NM

At Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office, our Clovis dog bite injury lawyers have a lot of experience handling dog bite cases. They are familiar with all legal procedures, conditions, and policies related to the homeowner and general insurance terms. This allows them to find adequate solutions so that a client receives proper financial settlement for their injuries. It is not necessary that the dog owner had to be at home during the biting incident. You can call us to get in touch with one of our Clovis dog bite attorneys and get all assistance needed to receive satisfactory financial compensation. 

Clovis Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Victims of Dog Bites

No one can properly predict how animals will react or behave seeing us. Many people who have experience dealing with dogs have ended up being bitten or injured by dogs. If any unsupervised dog or animal gets aggressive towards a child or adult, then the person is sure to get injured by dog bites and vicious attacks. 

If any of your loved ones or you yourself have got bitten by a dog, you can file an injury claim to receive a settlement for your medical care bills, rehab process, physical and mental trauma. Make sure you contact a Clovis dog bite attorney as soon as the bite takes place so that he can handle your case and evaluate all legal options available to file a claim. 

When can a Dog Owner be held liable for a Bite?

Based on new laws in New Mexico, certain conditions must be fulfilled to ensure that the dog owner is responsible financially for his dog to get aggressive and injuring a person. Some of these conditions are:

  • The dog owner should know that his dog had a tendency or inclination to hurt or bite a person viciously
  • If the owner failed to act reasonably to control his dog at a time when it was likely that the dog would bite a person or cause an injury to him

Based on these laws, a dog owner can’t be held responsible when his dog bites a person for the first time and has never been aggressive or vicious to a human before. However, if a dog is not vicious, the owner is responsible if he recognizes that his dog is becoming agitated or the dog may fight with another dog and still did not do anything to prevent the situation and the extent of the accident.

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  • Brain Injury
  • Car Accident
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  • Dog Bite
  • Pedestrian Accident
  • Premises Liability
  • Spine Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Truck Accident
  • Slip and Fall
Clovis Dog Bite Injuries can have Long-Term Consequences

Dog bites are scary and can leave lasting mental and physical effects on victims. Some common effects from dog bites are:

  • Tendon damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring
  • Broken bones
  • Infection
  • Post-Trauma stress

If a dog bite causes damage to the victim’s tendons, muscles, or joints, then the victim needs physical rehabilitation as well as mental therapy to fight the trauma and terror caused by the dog bite. It is vital to receive adequate financial compensation to pay for the medical treatment needed and live a happy life again.

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