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Car Accident Attorney In Clovis, NM

Get an evaluation of your injuries from our experienced car accident attorney to obtain fair compensation.

The Clovis car accident attorneys at Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office can handle any car or car accident in which a person gets injured, not just accidents in which property is damaged. We handle the case of any person who picks up injuries in a car accident, but we also look into the property and vehicle damage compensations without charging anything extra.

First Steps After a Car Accident in Clovis, NM

The first thing a person needs to do after getting into a car accident is look for medical help. You should get to a medical facility immediately after the accident, but if it is not possible, then you should visit your family doctor and get your injuries diagnosed properly. 

Statistics and research prove that people who get injured in a car accident do not report pain right away and allocate the cause of pain to other events like lack of sleep, etc. Some people realize very late that the cause of pain is the accident, and it is too late by that time to file a claim.

A car accident victim should report any type of pain immediately to avoid tricky situations later on resulting from the accident. Get in touch with a qualified doctor and get a proper evaluation of your injuries so you can minimize physical effects and make a maximum settlement claim. 

Working with a Clovis car accident lawyer, you will get all the assistance needed with filing a compensation claim for the injuries you pick up in the accident. Remember to look for a lawyer after proper treatment. 

Claiming Compensation for a Car Accident in Clovis, NM

Financial compensation for your injuries will help in your physical, emotional, and financial recovery, helping you return to the life you lived prior to the accident. Clovis car accident law firm will check your situation and evaluate the compensation amount you are legally entitled to. 

The financial settlement you get will help cover lost work wages, medical bills, and your mental and physical trauma resulting from the car accident. Many factors take part in evaluating a satisfactory compensation claim for your injuries. 

Our Clovis car accident lawyer ensures you live a happy life again by getting proper compensation. This will help you live life properly again as you did before getting injured in the accident. 

Importance of Consulting a Car Accident Attorney in Clovis, NM

Most insurance companies will try as much as possible to minimize your injury claims so that you receive a low amount in settlement. Some companies tell victims that filing an injury claim results in higher insurance premiums. 

In many states, including New Mexico, an insurance company cannot raise a victim’s insurance premium when they file a claim. Our Clovis car accident lawyers offer the best advice needed to get maximum financial compensation legally. We make sure insurance firms do not push you to accept just medical expenses, and you receive proper value for loss of wages, suffering, and pain. 

No Insurance or Sufficient Insurance in Clovis, NM

In some cases, the responsible party in the accident does not have insurance or have a lower policy that cannot cover all your injury claims. Our lawyers look into all possibilities that include your car and other policies after the accident takes place. 

Based on your insurance coverage, you can receive compensation even from your insurance policy. Clovis car accident lawyers, evaluate every single option to ensure your life gets on track again. 

Our Clovis, NM Personal Injury Law Office for Immediate Assistance after any of these Cases:

  • Brain Injury
  • Car Accident
  • Bus Accident
  • Dog Bite
  • Pedestrian Accident
  •  Premises Liability
  • Spine Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Truck Accident
  • Slip and Fall

The attorneys at Samuel I. Kane’s law office have multiple years of experience and training to deal with car accidents. We assess the extent of injury and damages faced by our clients and ensure they receive the proper financial compensation they are legally entitled to get. 

Contact Our Experienced Clovis Car Collision Attorneys for a Free Consultation

Our Clovis car accident law firm features award-winning lawyers, investigators, and retired insurance adjusters with over 30 years in the industry. All of them work hard to ensure your recovery completely from injuries and also handle car damages incurred from the accident. Our attorneys charge a contingency fee and get paid when you get your injury compensation and not from property damages.


Car Accident FAQs

Can I pursue compensation for lost wages after suffering an injury in a car accident?

Yes, you can calculate the number of lost wages right after you get injured in the accident until you are fit enough to return to work. There are multiple income types you can pursue in the injury claim that include present income and earning capacity loss. This will get you the money you lose while recovering and what you would have earned in the next month or year. 

If I am out of work, how can I afford to hire a Clovis car Accident Attorney?

Our Clovis car accident attorneys charge a contingency fee and get paid only when you receive your injury settlement funds, not before that. Most car accident injury claims are tricky and take a long time. It is better to work with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible so that they can take care of your settlement claims while you recover from your accident injuries. 

What factors determine how much my car accident claim is worth?

Every accident injury is different, and different factors determine the amount of your injury claim based on the accident circumstances. Your injuries’ severity and the amount of negligence by the responsible party have a big say. Our lawyers go through all evidence and investigate everything, including your medical bills, time is taken off work, and future requirements.

How long will my Clovis Car Accident Claim take to Finalize?

The time period needed to reach a settlement or get a jury’s verdict depends on every individual claim. Some common factors include how the injury took place, your recovery period, the willingness or lack of it by the insurance company to evaluate everything in your case. Most car accident injury claims don’t go to trial, but our lawyers are prepared to rest your claim in the courtroom if there is any hindrance in negotiations. The time period of settlement goes up if the case goes to court for settlement.