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Bus Accident Lawyers In Clovis, NM

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Buses are a vital part of a city’s public transport system, but the passengers traveling in them are at risk of getting into accidents all the time. If you ever injure yourself in a bus accident, look for first aid and medical attention even if there is no ambulance or medical facility nearby. Most injuries are not fully apparent when the accident takes place, and a qualified doctor will diagnose all long-term effects the victim suffers from the bus accident. 

Partnering with Clovis bus accident lawyers will help you take legal action and get financial compensation for the injuries you suffer in the accident. After getting treatment, the first thing you should do is look for an experienced lawyer. 

Importance of Clovis, NM Bus Accident Attorney

If a city entity is operating the passenger bus and they get into an accident, then it leads to a tricky situation. Government laws and rules state that a victim should file a prior notice claim within 90 days from the day of the accident to preserve their personal injury claim. 

Our Clovis bus accident attorneys will file this mandatory tort notice claim for you while you check out the legal options available to take against the responsible parties. 

Damages Arising from Bus Accidents in Clovis, NM

Based on the bus accident injury and other circumstances, a victim can claim financial compensation for the damages suffered and also a claim for potential punitive damages if the accident was caused due to negligent, reckless behavior. 

Damage compensations are meant to offer the injured person the entire payment for their medical bills, lost work wages, physical and mental trauma from the bus accident injuries.

If negligent behavior led to the accident, for example, the driver using his phone, text messaging, driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, etc., then the victim can file a punitive damages claim as well. The aim behind this is to make sure the driver or any other culprit is punished for negligent behavior. 

It is possible that an accident involves multiple parties like the bus operator, driver, bus owner, etc. Most of these parties have insurance coverage that can be pursued by the victim. Even if the responsible party has a minimum insurance policy for injuries, Clovis bus accident attorneys will help you claim compensation. 

Claiming Compensation from the Government Entity or City Owning the Bus

If a bus owned by the city or a government entity like the Department of Transportation gets into an accident, then there are several statutory requirements that need to be fulfilled to receive damage compensation from them. It is necessary to file a 90-day tort notice claim before a victim pursues a negligence claim against a state or city-owned bus. 

Our bus crash lawyers will work as soon as possible to file the notice of tort claim and make sure your financial compensation is preserved. 

Importance of Consulting an Attorney in New Mexico

Proper Knowledge of Legal Procedures

There are special requirements to be fulfilled for a compensation claim if a bus accident involves a state or city entity. Attorneys at our law firm will evaluate the situation properly and offer legal advice for the correct location to file the 90-day claim notice and the ideal time period. 

Assessment of Damages

Each bus accident is unique, and the amount of damages varies based on the circumstances of the accident and how negligent every party has been during the accident. Our Clovis bus accident lawyers carefully evaluate the entire details related to the accident and decide if the accident was caused due to negligent or reckless driving. After checking everything, a potential amount for the compensatory and punitive damage claims is evaluated.


Our Bus Accident Experience in Clovis, NM

Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office has lawyers with ample experience dealing with bus accident cases which have helped multiple clients receive their legal, financial settlements from the accident. In comparison to accident claims involving private entities, bus accident claims usually take a longer time, but our attorneys ensure that clients get satisfactory financial compensations. 

Apart from filing the 90-day tort notice claim, our lawyers handle commercial insurance companies and ensure the client’s claims are settled, and sufficient financial compensation is granted to them.

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Also, we help our clients receive the best medical care after an accident. You can call to book a no-obligation, free consultation with our Clovis bus accident lawyers to get the necessary legal advice and adequate help with your injury compensation claim.