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Airplane Accident Lawyer In Clovis, NM

Know about your responsibilities and legal rights after an accident from our airplane accident lawyers.

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, PA, has an airplane accident lawyer in Clovis, NM, a well-trained, licensed commercial pilot. He has a proper understanding of aviation incidents and knows that travelers do not have any control over the travel from when they board a flight until they reach their destination. 

The air traffic controllers, captains, officers, and pilots work together to make sure a flight takes off, undertakes the journey, and lands safely at the destination. Many factors like the airplane’s size, commercial aviation, weather conditions, plane movements, etc., are taken care of to ensure a safe flight. 

Aviation accidents are quite rare and almost two hundred percent less likely to take place when compared with car accidents. However, when a plane crash occurs, it is fatal for the aviation crew, passengers, civilians on the ground, and vehicles parked near that particular spot. Many innocent lives are taken, and a lot of destruction is caused by a plane crash. 

In any such situation, you can get in touch with our highly-experienced Dona Ana County airplane accident attorneys in Clovis. They will guide you with all your legal rights and available options to get the financial recovery and ensure the liable party is accountable for the accident.

Different Types of Aviation Options in New Mexico

Whether you want to go on a personal trip, travel tour, flight training, business trip, etc., there are many options open, including helicopters, commercial airlines, charter flights, private airplanes, etc. To ensure the passengers’ safety, most commercial airlines companies follow several federal safety standards. 

However, flight crews need to take emergency safety measures if any safety protocol is breached, there is an equipment malfunction, misjudgment by other aircraft, or miscommunication between the flight crew. In such scenarios, travelers can get severely injured due to in-air flight maneuvers, crashes, or hard unplanned landings.

Private jets, helicopters, propeller plans, charter flights, etc., are less monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration. As a result, private aircraft are at a higher risk of crashes, improper maintenance and equipment, aging aircraft parts, and pilot errors. 

Common Causes of Airplane Accidents

 There are multiple reasons or causes that can lead to an airplane crash and injure or take the life of your beloved family members or friends. Some of the most common reasons for an airplane crash are listed below:

  •       Harsh weather conditions
  •       Mechanical or equipment failures
  •       Pilot or cabin crew errors
  •       Human errors which involve Maintenance Engineers, Air                Traffic Controllers, Security Officials, or Dispatchers

Any of the above reasons can cause unplanned airplane landings, in-air dangers, or fatal crashes. If any mishap occurs, the first thing passengers need to do is seek medical care. This helps diagnose injuries right away and put a proper treatment plan in place. Our trained and experienced airplane injury lawyers in Clovis will help protect your rights and guide you through the unfortunate situation. 

The attorney at Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office is a trained commercial pilot with good experience and knowledge needed to collect all possible evidence and use it for your case. Every client has a unique scenario, and our attorneys will ensure that each client gets the best outcome from the case. 

How do Aviation Accident Attorneys Preserve Evidence after an Aircraft Accident?

The (NTSB) National Transportation Safety Board, is responsible for investigating every airplane accident that occurs in the United States of America. The Board collects and protects all evidence related to the accident. The crash may have occurred because of a judgment error, maintenance issues, or a manufacturing or equipment oversight. The Board protects all evidence until the accident’s cause has been found out. 

The expert airplane accident attorneys in Clovis, NM follow the concerned investigation and everything related to it closely. They will work until the factors and causes of the crash which led to deaths or injuries are uncovered, and a final report is curated. 

Most aircraft accidents are unique, but many factors behind crashes are common:

  •       Misjudgments or errors by the pilot or cabin crew
  •       Airline crews not following rules and regulations set up by the Federal Aviation Administration
  •       Errors by the Air Traffic Controllers
  •       Mechanical errors or equipment failures
  •       Airport runway defects
  •       Defects in the aircraft structure or design
  •       Poor airplane maintenance 

The mishap is independently researched and investigated by our aviation injury lawyers in Clovis. They work to uncover the cause behind the crash and serve justice to each client by negotiating with an insurance company and the attorney for the liable party. 

Never Talk to an Insurance Company Without an Attorney 

Many people do not know about car crashes or vehicle collisions, even if they happen in their neighborhood. However, aircraft crashes are different and get a lot of coverage and publicity from the media. Almost all crash details are public, which puts an insurance company and its legal attorneys in a tricky situation. They take a defensive stance and work on minimizing losses and damages. 

Most companies contact passengers independently to listen to their part of the story and make settlement offers. These quick offers do not cover the costs and expenses associated with an airplane crash. Airplane accidents put a lot of physical and emotional pressure on passengers. Insurance companies do not give proper time to passengers to recover and force them to make important decisions related to their financial recovery and compensations. 

This may lead to passengers making wrong decisions and incurring losses unknowingly. Working with our Clovis airplane accident lawyers protects your legal rights in such cases. All communication between the insurance company and its legal reps is done by us to ensure maximum compensation and comfort for clients. 

What If I Lose a Loved One in an Aircraft Accident in New Mexico?

Most airplane crashes are fatal, and families are left in trauma when their loved ones pass away. You are eligible to file a claim for wrongful death on the liable party based on the type of airplane crash and the people or causes associated with it. This helps you receive financial compensation to offer physical and mental relief and rebuild your lives. 

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