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Personal Injury

Experts Say There’s More that Trucking Companies Can Do to Make Fleets Safer

By Samuel Kane |

There are few vehicles that can do as much damage when involved in a crash as a loaded tractor-trailer. These massive vehicles can weigh many times what a passenger vehicle weighs—well over 80,000 pounds when fully loaded—and require substantial skill and attention to drive safely. Despite this fact, most late-model passenger vehicles have far… Read More »

Jury Awards Victim $1.2 Million After Crash With Stolen Car

By Samuel Kane |

A New Mexico woman was just awarded over $1.2 million in damages in a lawsuit against the Santa Fe Police Department due to injuries she suffered in a car crash involving a high-speed police chase with a stolen car. Learn more about the case below, and contact an experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer… Read More »

Researchers Discover High Rate of Crashes Caused by Drowsy Drivers

By Samuel Kane |

Drunken driving is not the only sort of impairment that makes drivers a danger on US roadways. While seemingly less morally wrong than driving drunk, driving while drowsy can have just as dangerous or deadly results. A recent study from a team at the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows just how big a… Read More »

$165 Million Verdict for Wrongful Death Victims Upheld by New Mexico Court

By Samuel Kane |

A jury award in favor of the victims of a tragic accident involving a semi-truck has recently been upheld by a New Mexico Appeals Court. The ruling affirms the $165-million award of personal injury and wrongful death damages Las Cruces made by a jury after a 2015 trial, which made headlines as the largest-ever jury… Read More »

Pedestrian Accident Takes Life of Young Woman

By Samuel Kane |

An accident in Las Cruces involving two separate vehicles has resulted in the death of a young woman. Members of the city government are calling for changes to be made to the intersection to prevent future such accidents. Fatal pedestrian accident on Del Rey Boulevard The recent local accident occurred on the 4200 block… Read More »

Police Settle Wrongful Death Suit Based on Las Cruces High-Speed Crash for $850k

By Samuel Kane |

The surviving spouse of a man killed in a high-speed police car crash will receive $850,000 as a settlement of her claim that a reckless police officer caused her husband’s death. Learn more about the case below, and contact a knowledgeable New Mexico personal injury lawyer if you’ve been injured in a collision with… Read More »

Wrong-Way Crash Kills Local Driver

By Samuel Kane |

A recent crash on Interstate 10 has taken the life of a local man. The recent crash was a head-on collision, which is one of the deadliest types of collisions. Learn more about the recent crash and what often causes these types of collisions, below. Wrong-way crash on I-10 The crash occurred just south… Read More »

Causes of Auto Accidents in the Fall

By Samuel Kane |

The sweltering days of summer are officially over and cooler days of fall have arrived. As welcome as this reprieve may be, this season also presents a number of unique issues which can increase the chances of being involved in a car wreck. Common Causes of Car Accidents Slippery Conditions Our average rainfall may… Read More »

Top Three Las Cruces Personal Injury Mistakes

By Samuel Kane |

Being injured because of the negligence of another can be traumatizing and shocking to anyone. But there are important steps to be taken if you want to maximize the results of your personal injury claim. The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. has witnessed far too many injured individuals suffer losses simply because… Read More »

Wrongful Death Claimed As Man Ejected from Girlfriend’s Car

By Samuel Kane |

Drunk drivers whose actions cause the wrongful death of others can face serious criminal charges ranging from financial penalties to community service and even time in jail. It is possible, however, for them to also face civil liability if a victim sues them, or if certain survivors sue those victims. Criminal proceedings: Criminal proceedings… Read More »

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