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Wrongful Death Suit Filed after Young Mom Dies Unexpectedly

In 2013, and just one hour south from us here in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a new mom sadly lost her life, and in the spring of 2015 her sisters filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the 34th District Court. Natalia Silva was a 23 year old mother of two who died in September 2013.

After delivering her son by C-section, she had returned to the Del Sol Medical Center for treatment for her infected C-section incision. During that stay she was diagnosed with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Silva was able to control the symptoms until June 2013.

Patient Leaves Surgery in Worse Condition

Silva returned to the medical center for pain in her neck which turned out to be an abscess. Surgery was performed on her spine by a physician who was trained as an ear, nose and throat specialist. The wrongful death lawsuit claims that the physician had negligently compromised the medulla oblongata pons which caused Silva to become a quadriplegic.

It has also been suggested that Silva’s quadriplegia was not handled with adequate turning and physical therapy. This resulted in blood clots in Silva’s lungs, which unfortunately led to her succumbing to a pulmonary embolism and dying on September 30, 2013.

The Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel

Stories such as this may seem easy to navigate, but they actually involve a great deal of investigative work and legal intervention.

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane we encourage anyone who is a family member of someone whom they believe has passed away because of the negligence or incompetence of another to reach out to us. Some of those who may file a wrongful death claim for a deceased loved one include:

  • Immediate family members (spouses and children) and parents of unmarried children
  • A personal representative of the estate
  • Parents
  • Adult siblings

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane have an extensive background specifically in family law and have helped families to obtain maximum compensation for their pain, suffering and loss. We want our experience to be an asset for your family, so that together we can hold negligent parties accountable.

We invite you to contact us today to arrange for a consultation at (575) 541-3004.

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