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Woman Facing Manslaughter Charges Four Months after Fatal Motorcycle Accident

In October 2016, a Ford Escape swerved into the path of 18 motorcycles, instantly killing a woman and severely injuring her husband. Four months later, the driver is facing criminal charges, including second-degree manslaughter.

The driver was also charged with assault in the third degree, tampering with evidence, interfering with an officer and operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to authorities, the victims were riding on the same motorcycle when the accused collided with them. This caused the first victim to fall off the motorcycle and go up and over the Ford Escape. She landed on the roadway and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband sustained serious injuries at the scene and was transported to a local hospital, where he was considered to be in critical condition.

The accused’s vehicle also struck other motorcycles, injuring other riders. As a result of her charges, she was held on a $1 million bond.

Personal Injury from Motorcycle Accidents

Like any motor vehicle accident, motorcycle crashes can happen at virtually anytime. Although many motorcycle incidents are caused by driver error – perhaps the motorcycle operator failed to recognize a traffic signal or collided with a road sign – there are many motorcycle accidents that involve other motor vehicles, like cars and trucks. Because these vehicles are much smaller and offer far less protection than other automobiles, it is incredibly important for drivers to be aware, at all times, when sharing the roadway with motorcycles.

One key difference between motorcycle incidents and other types of accidents is the fact that injury tends to be more severe. Because motorcycle operators are more exposed than other motor vehicle drivers, it is not uncommon for operators to suffer injury like cuts, bruises and broken bones, as well as damage like:

  • Disfigurement
  • Neck, back or spinal cord injuries
  • Permanent brain damage
  • Hand, finger, toe or elbow injuries
  • Nerve and soft tissue damage
  • Damage to joints, including knees and hips

Many of these types of injuries can be permanent, if not fatal. In many cases, victims require ongoing medical or rehabilitative care. Unfortunately, this kind of care can be a significant source of financial stress, due to escalating medical expenses and the fact that many victims must endure temporary or permanent disability.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a motorcycle accident, especially one caused by another party’s negligence, then it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney as soon as possible, as you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Consulting with an attorney at the earliest possible opportunity can also help ensure that any medical expenses or bills stemming from the accident are taken care of.

Personal Injury Attorneys Specializing in Motorcycle Accidents

That’s where the dedicated team at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. comes in. Our firm specializes in representing clients dealing with personal injury matters, including cases where injury has occurred as the result of a motorcycle accident. Our team of highly-skilled attorneys has a wealth of experience in handling these types of cases, and can even help connect you with medical and insurance providers, to ensure that your immediate and lasting medical needs are adequately met. If you have suffered personal injury, our team is ready, willing and able to help protect you and your rights.

To schedule a preliminary consultation with our personal injury team, we invite you to contact the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. at (575) 541-3004.

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