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Celebrating the 4th of July in Elephant Butte, New Mexico

There’s no better place to be over the 4th of July weekend than Elephant Butte, New Mexico. With crowds reaching over 100,000 people, and a stream of donations pouring in throughout the year for a fireworks’ show that tops the $20,000 mark, Elephant Butte is the place to be. With beaches, campgrounds, boating and water sports at the disposal of guests, great times await as crowds arrive with family and friends throughout the long, holiday weekend. With so many people traveling and enjoying the festivities, July 4th also shares the weekend with injurious conditions and safety concerns.

Deadly Statistics

In fact, July 4th carries the unwanted designation of being the deadliest holiday of the year, surpassing New Year’s Eve in alcohol-related fatalities.
  • Over the past 25 years, 51% of all deadly crashes over the 4th of July weekend were alcohol related
  • Highway fatalities increase 37% over the 4th of July weekend
  • Independence weekend accounts for 41,200 injuries and 385 deaths throughout the US
  • Approximately eight deaths and 11,400 injuries are from fireworks accidents

Travel Safely This 4th of July Weekend

Getting to Elephant Butte, New Mexico is half the fun. Traveling by car allows passengers to take in the scenery and beauty of the area, but it is not without safety concerns. While traveling by car, safety should be a top priority.
  • Always buckle safety belts
  • Maintain proper speeds
  • Do not use cellphones while driving
  • Use proper child restraints, where applicable
  • Never drink and drive
  • Load and unload all towed items properly, including campers, trailers and boats

Boating Safety

Once you arrive at Elephant Butte, and are planning to go boating, be sure to:
  • Wear life jackets
  • Stay hydrated
  • Ensure all equipment is working properly
  • Be prepared for an emergency
  • Swim in designated areas
  • Maintain safe speeds
  • Keep a look out for other boats and people on and in the water
  • Never drink and drive a boat

Firework Safety

Finally, before enjoying the amazing Elephant Butte fireworks show at the end of the weekend, be sure to practice firework safety of your own by:
  • Ensuring an adult is supervising any child near fireworks
  • Wearing eye protection
  • Lighting fireworks in a clear area, away from debris, vehicles or buildings
  • Keeping a bucket of water nearby, in case of a spark or fire
  • Disposing of used fireworks properly, to avoid fires
  • Reading the directions carefully, to avoid injury

Maintain a Fun & Safe Environment

While enjoying the extended weekend, it is important to be aware of the dangers around you while traveling long distances, and sharing the road with other travelers. You oversee your well-being throughout the weekend, and even though you may practice safety as a priority, it is wise to assume that others may not. Should you find yourself enduring injurious circumstances due to someone else’s negligence, please contact the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane for help. Our attorney group can help you understand your rights, and how you can hold another responsible for injuries suffered in an auto, boat, camping or fireworks accident. The 4th of July is a weekend you want to remember, but not for the wrong reasons. Contact us today at (575) 541-3004 to discuss your injuries, and learn how we can help.