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Can Dashcam Footage Help My New Mexico Personal Injury Case?

As technology continues to evolve, our vehicles are becoming increasingly intelligent each year. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are designed with safety as a priority, including alerts for nearby vehicles, lane assistance and guidance, and backup cameras that are helping drivers avoid accidents throughout New Mexico.

Unfortunately, as our personal injury attorneys in Las Cruces know all too well, driver negligence cannot be monitored by the vehicle. When drivers are intoxicated, speeding, or reckless, accidents are going to occur, and people are going to get hurt.

The good news is, drivers can proactively record the traffic conditions around them using a dashcam, which may provide the footage the driver needs to hold a negligent driver liable for the crash he or she caused.

If the dashcam is not obstructing the driver’s view, there is no law prohibiting its use in New Mexico.

How Can a Dashcam Help with My Personal Injury Claim?

Most vehicle collisions end in a dispute regarding which driver was responsible for the crash.

In fact, the insurance companies are going to insist that it was not their policyholder’s fault, so they do not have to pay the claim.

Dashcam footage can become a valuable piece of evidence that may help strengthen your claim.

Unlike witness statements, dashcams tell the complete story of how the collision occurred, which may include:

  • Another driver failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
  • The other driver cutting you off in traffic
  • A driver failing to yield the right-of-way at an intersection

Your dashcam footage may be extremely helpful in many scenarios, including when the negligent driver is violating one or more laws during the collision, when there are no witnesses who saw the crash, or if you have been hurt in a hit-and-run accident.

Dashcam Footage May Help Accelerate Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been hurt in a collision with a negligent driver and have the dashcam video to prove it, the evidence can be very convincing and impactful.

Dashcam footage after a crash will limit the insurance company’s resistance and help accelerate your claim by proving negligence.

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