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Slip and Fall Accident In Albuquerque, NM

Our slip and fall lawyers thoroughly review your injury case and advise your legal rights and responsibilities.

The most common way of meeting an accident is a sudden slip & fall. This can find its way anywhere, on a road, in-home, railway tracks, ground. No matter which activity you are engaged in, it can occur at any time. Are there some reasons to avoid them?

Of course, keeping floors & roads clean, well-constructed paths, being careful while working can help one save from such mishaps. These can be avoided if everything is done by taking precautions. Besides, slip & fall accidents occur because of negligence & not taking precautions before. In this, one can protect both himself & others by being conscious. 

For instance, as soon as we spill water on floors, the first thing we do is mop the floor to avoid any future accident. Thus, if this careful behavior is shown towards daily activities, we can save many lives. Whether you have suffered temporary or permanent injury, like a broken hip or fractured ankle, we can help. Our attorney for slip and fall accidents are here for you to answer any questions about your case. 

Do you know thousands of people lose their lives or even lose their fully-functioning limbs by just a slip & fall accident occurring in milliseconds? Albuquerque has special provisions for people falling prey to such disasters. 

If you or any beloved has attained injuries via just a sudden slip or fall, you can claim compensation. But it should involve the negligence of another person.

Let’s know more about Albuquerque Attorneys for Slip & Fall cases. 

How to prove a Slip-and-Fall Injury in Albuquerque?

The main concern is that you should not be the negligent party in your case. If you slipped because of your own carelessness, then you yourself are responsible. 

But if the injury is caused due to another person’s fault or ignorance, then you are eligible to claim compensatory charges for your medical expenses & other punitive damage caused. The requirements are evidence. 

The injuries shouldn’t be very old because there’s a limited time frame during which you can file such a claim. You may be entitled to recover compensation for injuries resulting from a slip and fall in Albuquerque. We at Samuel Law Firm can review your situation and advise you on your rights and responsibilities when it comes to civil action. Contact Samuel I. Kane slip and fall lawyers and our team of experienced personal injury attorneys today!

How Albuquerque’s Slip & Fall accident lawyers can act as a helping hand in such cases?

Our Law Office in Albuquerque works efficiently with a team of professionals. We provide a good & specific team to every client. The team, consisting of experts in multiple relevant fields:

  • analyses each detail of the happening
  • researches on every insight
  • collects evidence on-site
  • enlists all the factors which can increase the value of compensation & make the case stronger.  

Our main aim is to provide justice to our clients & make them obtain the maximum value of the compensation to cover all medical expenses. Our malpractice lawyers work very hard for this purpose. 

Various precautionary duties of Albuquerque’s citizens

Slip & Fall accidents can be avoided easily by taking certain precautions. We all own property, let it be our home, shops, offices, stores, studios & so on. Thus, if everyone will take care of the infrastructure, things present there, cleanliness of the place, & so on. Half of such slip & fall accidents can be avoided. Keeping this in mind, there are some duties of property owners like-

  • The responsible owners need to clean, sweep & mop the floors nicely if anything gets spilled,
  • shouldn’t keep any harmful or risky equipment at the property,
  • should also involve the usage of high-quality material & proper techniques during construction.
  • Regular upkeep of the property’s condition will help eliminate accident-causing factors.

All the properties must be hospitable to the visitors. If every property owner/ occupier is responsible for not letting any mishap occur in their properties, then the percentage of slip & fall accidents can be halved. 

What do Albuquerque’s Slip and Fall Attorneys do at Samuel I. Kane’s Law Office?

The process of filing such a claim seems easy, but it is full of hassles in reality. The most responsible party in such accidents is property owners, but proving them to be the culprit requires a lot of evidence. 

Our law office special teams work in all the aspects of the case, collecting evidence, researching each & every detail, calculating the entire value of compensation our client needs to claim. Experts of the industry fulfill all these tasks.

Normal people are not aware of legal proceedings & can easily be fooled by property owners. To make the innocent get the deserving justice is our lawyer’s main agenda. Various aspects in which we work in slip & fall accidental cases-

  • Collecting evidence
  • Recording eyewitness’ confessions
  • Maintaining lists for all the data
  • Collecting on-site facts
  • Researching every possible cause for such an accident

Our injury attorney will not only fight for you but also stand out for others who may have suffered from the same due to prevailing risky & hazardous conditions.

What can an injured person do after facing a slip & fall accident in Albuquerque?

First-aid is the first step. Take proper medication first of all. After this, find a professional attorney to file a claim as soon as possible to follow the proper legal time frame of filing such a claim against the property owner. 

In the case of government-owned property, the injured person should file a tort notice of personal injury claim in the specific time frame.

In such cases, our personal injury attorney can help injured people by proving the person at fault, collecting evidence to showcase the property where the incident took place, & researching various other factors which can increase the chances of getting maximum compensation for our clients.

Various rights of an injured person

In Albuquerque, people getting hurt by a slip & fall accident have various rights to stand for. These rights differ a little depending upon the type of location.

Grocery Store: The Grocery store needs to construct & design their stores in such a way that makes them secure for adults and kids. The distancing of the shelves from the floors, the flooring, passage gates all are required to be constructed in such a way to be safe for customers of different heights, sizes & all age groups.

Workplace: There’s a special Workman’s Compensation Claim under which anyone who got an injury at a workplace can claim compensation charging against the employer’s recklessness.

Restaurant/ Hotel/Café: The risk of meeting such an accident is quite high in these places due to huge gatherings, the presence of older adults, naughty kids. Such things give birth to mishaps like spilling food & drinks, throwing garbage on the floor, carelessness, & so on. Hence, if the staff working here remain careless, such an area will become accident-prone.

The restaurant manager, owner & other staff members must be careful with the surroundings & keep everything neat & clean.

Apartments: The owner & manager of apartments must be much more responsible. The huge apartments have more facilities like a garden, pools, etc. Thus, one can be held responsible for any negligence in any of these places. If you acquire any bruises in any such apartment, the owner/ manager will have to pay monetary compensation for your loss, pain & suffering.

Public/ Private Sidewalks: The sidewalk owner must be careful & offer safety to the visitors.

Airport: If a visitor gets hurt inside an airport, report immediately to claim against the responsible authority.

Government Properties: One needs to pay more attention if an accident occurs in public properties because filing a tort notice must be an immediate step to claim a compensatory amount. 

Albuquerque’s Personal Injury Office offers immediate assistance in all these situations- 

  • Dog Bite
  • Brain Injury
  • Car Accident
  • Motorbike Accident
  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death
  • Bike Accident
  • Spinal Injury
  • Slip and Fall Mishaps
  • Truck Accident
  • Pedestrian Accident

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