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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Albuquerque, NM

Contact our experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to claim your medical and rehabilitation expenses.

The increasing population has led to massive traffic on roads. This traffic is a significant problem for drivers as well as pedestrians. Pedestrians are prone to be hit by big vehicles while crossing roads or walking on roadsides.

Even just a low-impact hit by a car or motorcycle can cause soft tissue injuries that may include strains and sprains and can take a long time to recover. Sudden crashes and falls on concrete roads may cause permanent injuries. This can ruin the lives of pedestrians in just a blink of an eye. Even worse, a pedestrian can become handicapped in just a second.

An experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Albuquerque can help the victims to claim their medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Major reasons for Pedestrian Accidents in Albuquerque

Primarily, ignorance & careless driving causes such accidents. Just a second of drivers’ ignorance on the road can lead to fatal situations. Road injuries have increased in the past few years. Moreover, safety experts have blamed the usage of cell phones both by drivers and pedestrians to be a significant reason for such accidents. 

Letting pedestrians cross the road first is a road safety protocol. Still, most drivers try to move fast, which results in blind turns, ignoring pedestrians on busy roads, using the paths made just for pedestrians, etc.

Claiming compensation for pedestrian accidents in Albuquerque

An injured pedestrian can claim and ask for compensation for their injuries and mental suffering. The sole reason for claiming compensation is to get the wholesome amount for the medical care and other personal loss.

In some major accidents, the pedestrians are left with durable hazards and fractures, making them bed-ridden. In such cases, compensation can be filed for the entire amount, including what they earn for a living.

Victims can claim compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Physical therapies 
  • Lost income
  • Ambulance services
  • Medical equipment
  • Personal pain 

Drivers must avoid striking pedestrians. However, pedestrians can file a case for fair compensation. Various reasons for pedestrian accidents may include the following:

  • Driver’s carelessness by being active on messaging while driving
  • Being on a call
  • Playing the radio in the car
  • Or even being engaged in movies while driving.

How an experienced pedestrian accident medical malpractice lawyer in Albuquerque can help you:

  • Investigating the circumstances leading to the accident
  • Collecting proofs
  • Working with investigation experts to determine the causes of an accident and to make your claim stronger 

If you get hit by any motor vehicle, contact Albuquerque pedestrian accident attorney Samuel I. Kane’s Law office. You can reach our attorneys by calling on 575-541-3004. Schedule a free consultation today!

What are the various responsibilities for Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accidents in Albuquerque?

Victims of hit and run accidents can file compensation by showcasing their own vehicle insurance policy.

Carrying Uninsured Motorist Coverage allows pedestrians to get compensation for accidents caused by other vehicles, which does not halt at the time of injuries even if they were not in their vehicle at that time of the accident. This permits an injured pedestrian to get compensation if the vehicle causing injuries isn’t insured or is under-insured.

Traffic laws and pedestrian rights attorneys in Albuquerque

When a pedestrian meets with an accident, our pedestrian accident attorney examines and researches every detail to determine the responsible party for causing injuries and other damages.

If a driver is careless, we can pursue other valid punishable damages along with the compensation. 

Our pedestrian accident malpractice lawyers in Albuquerque offer immediate assistance for any of the following:

  • Premises liability
  • Slip and Fall accidents
  • Spinal injury
  • Bike accident
  • Brain injuries
  • Bus accident
  • Motorbike accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Dog bite
  • Wrongful death
  • Car Accident
  • Truck accident

Our pedestrian accident law firm offers help to the victims in Albuquerque

Pedestrians who suffer severe injuries in an accident can obtain compensation from insurance companies, drivers, or parties responsible for their injuries.

Our Albuquerque pedestrian accident attorney helps obtain compensation from the client’s insurance coverage if one cannot get the details of a third party’s insurance. Even if the victim doesn’t have any health insurance, we can still lead you to various agencies that help you recover from state insurance.

In case of accidents, getting recovery money from insurance companies is full of hassles. Adjusters usually bring hurdles for you. They tend to pay the negligible amount possible for your claim. A knowledgeable and experienced Albuquerque pedestrian accident lawyer can assist you. Our attorneys will ensure that you don’t get harassed by insurers or adjusters and get the total compensation for the damage caused.

Pedestrian Accident FAQs-

What are the duties of pedestrians to Avoid a Traffic Accident?

Pedestrians must follow traffic signs & signals. They should be careful on roads, & should not rush or hurry while crossing roads. Following traffic lights is the key to this.

Why did I have an accident even though I was consciously using the crosswalk?  

Sometimes it’s not pedestrians’ mistake but drivers act carelessly, Overspeed, don’t see red lights, drive vehicles with faulty equipment & all. All these can lead to road accidents.

Will more injuries lead to greater compensatory charges?

The pedestrian accident attorney allows one to claim the entire amount as compensation, inclusive of medical costs, costs for pain & suffering, costs for punitive damage, & all. If injuries will be more, then medical expenditure rises which is the main inclusion of compensatory charges. Also, the extent of the negligence of the other party is determined on the basis of injuries, hence more the injuries, more the driver’s fault. Hence, of course, the compensation will be higher in such a case.

What is the difference between Pedestrian Accident Attorney & Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal Injury Attorney is an umbrella term that permits the injured party to claim in case of any kind of personal injury, let it be in a car accident, dog bite, premises accident, bike accident, etc. An injured person can claim compensation if the cause of injury is another person’s negligence.

But Pedestrian Accident Attorney is a single type of personal injury dealing just with the case of pedestrians getting injured due to other driver’s negligence.