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Airplane Accident Lawyers In Albuquerque, NM

Our airplane accident lawyers closely examine your case and help you obtain a fair settlement for your losses.

Our Albuquerque, New Mexico airplane accident lawyer, Samuel I. Kane, PA, is also a qualified professional pilot who recognizes that transportation is totally out of passengers’ control from the time they board the aircraft until they land.

Commercial aviation and its operations are left to a pilot, crew, federal aviation administration, and ground crew, who work together to guarantee the aircraft takes off, travels, and lands safely, depending on the size of the plane.

While uncommon, and two hundred thousand times more likely than a car disaster, airplane accidents can happen, and if they do, occupants and sometimes even persons on the street, in cars, or nearby are frequently seriously injured or killed.

If you or a loved one was wounded in a plane crash, contact our Dona Ana County aviation injury lawyer today for more information further about your basic protections and alternatives for holding the responsible party responsible for your economic security.

In New Mexico, What are the Various Types of Aviation Options?

Commercial airlines, private planes, flights, and helicopters are all alternatives for aviation travel, which can be used for business, personal excursions, flight instruction, or tourism.

To keep people safe during their flights, commercial airlines must adhere to federal safety regulations.

When certain protocols are broken, or when gear faults, miscommunication, or another plane makes a mistake, the flight crew may be forced to respond in an emergency, which can result in catastrophic injuries onboard the plane during in-flight maneuvers, hard landings, or even crashes.

The Airport Authority has significantly less control of private aircraft, such as private jets, propeller planes, commercial flights, and helicopters, resulting in more crashes due to poor maintenance, aged equipment, or pilot error. Our accident attorney quickly and thoroughly examines the facts to determine whether an airplane crash was the fault of the pilot or airline, among other issues.

What is by Far the Most Frequent Cause for Plane Collisions?

There are many possible reasons for a crash, regardless of which form of aviation trip you were on when your wounds or the loss of a loved one occurred.

 The following are some of the most likely reasons for aviation accidents:

  • Error in the Pilot
  • Mechanical Failures User Error, especially Airline Pilots, Operators, and Service Technicians
  • Climate

Travelers must seek medical attention as soon as possible if these errors result in in-flight risks, hard landings, or even crashes. This will ensure that their injuries are properly assessed and that a recovery plan is in place.

Then, to ensure that your rights are respected in the future, you should contact an expert airplane accident attorney in Albuquerque.

Our Albuquerque personal injury lawyer is also a commercial airline pilot, which offers our firm the expertise and understanding to collect the essential evidence to help develop our clients’ cases, so we can work together to achieve the best possible conclusion for their specific requirements.

How Can My Lawyers Assist Me in Preserving Evidence Following an Airplane Accident?

The NTSB examines all aircraft disasters inside the United States and safeguards all evidence until the reason for the disaster is discovered, which could include a mistake in judgment, manufacturing flaws, or maintenance errors.

Our Albuquerque, NM airplane accident lawyers will closely monitor the investigation and enlist the help of our specialists to acquire a final version that will reveal the cause of the accident and the variables that contributed to the injuries or deaths that happened as a result.

While each flight issue is different, some factors are linked to aviation accidents:

  • A controller’s error
  • The airplane pilot’s error or misjudgment
  • Airline crews who do not follow the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules
  • Failures of parts and other mechanical issues
  • The aircraft was not properly maintained.
  • Defects in the structure or design
  • Defects in the runway at the airport

Our Albuquerque aviation accident attorney will do independent research into the cause of the accident and engage with the liable party’s lawyer and insured company to obtain a fair settlement for each one of our clients.

Do not contact the insurance provider without the advice of an attorney.

Airplane collisions differ significantly from vehicle crashes in that most individuals are unaware of every car accident that occurs — even with their communities.

When an airplane crashes, the circumstances of the incident are widely reported, putting the insurance provider and its legal counsel on the defensive, trying hard to limit their losses.

The first thing they’ll do is start contacting passengers to hear their side of the story, which could lead to rapid settlement offers that don’t even come close to covering the whole costs of the catastrophe.

Airplane crashes are terrible incidents that necessitate each passenger taking some time they need to properly recuperate – both emotionally and physically – before taking any important financial decisions

When you work with our knowledgeable Albuquerque airplane accident lawyers, we will defend your rights by directing all communication with insurance companies and their attorneys via our offices, ensuring that you never jeopardize your case by communicating directly with their agents.

What if a Loved One Was Killed in a Plane Crash in New Mexico?

Airplane crashes frequently result in fatalities, leaving families grieving from the loss of loved ones.

You may be qualified to file a wrongful death claim against the liable party, depending on the type of aircraft crash and what or who is responsible for the flight’s catastrophe, so that you can pursue whatever economic restoration your family requires to get through this loss and begin rebuilding your life.

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